As I celebrate another year’s journey, I couldn’t be any happier to receive this wonderfully made gorgeous Sheinside pleated dress.  I felt like a princess wearing this fabulous ensemble… I love everything about this dress-the color, the length and especially the embellishment on the upper panel of the collar and the sleeves.  I wore it with a belt and without a belt just to show how gorgeous it looks either way.  I also opted to accessorize it with gold details because I felt that nothing can make an outfit appear glamorous, sophisticated and polished than what gold details can exude.

The title of this blog post was supposedly ‘turning 30 in 3 days’, but I never got the chance to sit down, and write a lengthy article (not really) about my charade of emotions on ‘turning 30’.  Here I am three days after my birthday and I finally got around to somehow writing something splendid about what I’m most thankful for now that I just turned 30.  However, this article comes with a special warning; I kind of spoilt and let out a bit of uncanny emotions into this one so expect a longer read up ahead…

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Truly, time swung by swiftly and looking back on my younger years made me ponder about what lies ahead… but on a second thought, why worry about what’s ahead when I know I have a good and loving God before me.  It’s not only my birthday, which is the 1st of April that I’m most ecstatic about this month, but also being able to spend the solemnity of Holy week with my family and loved ones and being able to contemplate deep inside.

Perhaps I can clearly say this month is by far the most important time of the year for me.  Though I love the cheer and joy of Christmas season, the loving feel of Valentines’ and the loud hustles of New Year, I still want to cherish more than anything, the month of my birth and the day I was born in this world… I hold this very special gift of life so dear and cherish every moment of it because we all know we only get to live once.

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Reaching 30 is a blessing.  But before I arrived into the reality of it being a blessing, I was adamant and petrified to be actually at this age; not because I don’t want to live a longer life but probably because of the anxious nonsense thought of youth slipping away right before my very eyes.  I was disheveled at first but also snapped back into my senses right before the clock ticked 12 midnight.  Once I’ve gained my senses, I’ve re-checked and re-evaluated how my life has become and how it brought out the better person in me.  Youth is precious and so does adding an age with glee, but the latter sounds more tangible as wisdom and maturity come defiantly.

_DSC1901 _DSC1916 _DSC1922

Now that I’m officially 30 years old, all I have are thanks and prayers to our creator up above.  I couldn’t thank God enough for adding another precious year into my life, which means more:

~ time to spend with my loved ones and letting them know every single day how much I love them

~ time to accomplish goals and reach new heights (of emotions, of maturity of challenges)

~ chances to better myself and ward off what’s unpleasant (of bad attitude, pessimistic views, old unhealthy habits and anxious thoughts)

~ time to fulfill the picturesque view of dreams becoming real

~ time to make my own family grow and see the light of Christ

~ precious time to reach out and be of help to others

~ time to do good and spread kindness in the world

~ chances to be an inspiration to my family and others

~ chances to grow as a person

~ time to be happy no matter the circumstance

~ time to be hopeful and more time to look forward to the blessing of each rising sun and the promise each new day brings…


This dress sure did bring out the emotional side of me and magical thoughts as I celebrated another year in my life; the dress was hemmed to perfection and arrived at my doorstep perfectly in time for my birthday.  Nothing beats an enchanting dress for an awesomely enchanting day… Oh how it feels good to be 30… CHEERS!

Sheinside dress | Syrup heels | Aldo earrings | Diva rings | RDS bangle | Mom’s gold clutch

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