THIRTY ONE in black


It’s my birthday today, yay! How quick time flies.  I am celebrating my  31st  birthday  today in black outfit,  so I  thought it would be perfect to share to you 31 blessings I am most thankful for.    I am blessed with a million and one reasons but I suppose it would be rather fit to share 31 as I celebrate my 31st

ARS_4762 ARS_4763

Before spilling out 31 of my most valuable blessings, I would like to talk about my birthday outfit first.  If you browse through the length of my blog and leaf through my old style posts, I have mentioned and flaunted a ton of monochromatic looks such as an all-black outfit, if not around 2 or 3 looks.  You see, I find it rather odd to say that identifying colours is one of my weaknesses, but it sure is.  And so, black is my favourite because it is such a versatile colour that pairing it with almost any sort would not be such a worry.

ARS_4764 ARS_4765 ARS_4766When it comes to dressing up and styling, apart from colour schemes, I love anything that flares and anything floral.  If you look closely, everything I love and adore for in fashion is channeled in this look: (1) black as the main colour scheme, (2) flowers in my bag, (3) flare in my skirt and lastly, (4) an element of surprise which is the addition of this gorgeous Shein camouflage jacket, again with splatters of lovely floral, rose accents in red and blue.  I never liked camouflage jackets before, but with the rose imprints I could not resist its beauty and how stunningly fabulous it looks. ARS_4767

Now onto the 31 random blessings I want to share with you…

I am blessed with/because —

  1. I am alive and well
  2. I have very loving, compassionate, caring, kind, and ever supportive parents
  3. I have 3 beautiful and lovely sisters
  4. a husband who loves me dearly
  5. my in-laws accepted and loved me wholeheartedly as if their own
  6. I am surrounded with friends who truly care despite distance and occasional silence
  7. I believe I am a strong and dedicated woman
  8. I don’t find it hard to forgive people who have wronged me
  9. a stray cat which I learned to love
  10. a very adorable kitten which I now grew fond of
  11. a cheerful spirit and a loving heart
  12. I have a few friends in my circle but all I deeply cherish
  13. possessing a faithful and loyal characteristic
  14. I am able to share my passion which is writing and styling
  15. we have a home we can comfortably shelter upon

camouflage jacket

  1. God has never-ending provisions which continuously nourishes my spirit and keeps me tough
  2. I have eyes big and bright enough to enjoy the sites and wonders around me
  3. I am able to hug, kiss, giggle and show affection to the people most important to me
  4. I am able to speak my mind and follow a virtuous path
  5. I always strive to remain optimistic and hopeful regardless of the circumstance
  6. I laugh at my mistakes after I have moved on
  7. I try to refrain from beating myself up emotionally when problems/conflicts arise
  8. I always wake-up each day with a grateful heart
  9. I strive to be generous and thoughtful whenever I can and while I am still able.
  10. I strive to be kind and humble even to people who are difficult to deal with.

thirty one in black

  1. I was able to endure complexities of the past
  2. I was able to live, study, enjoy and explore Australia with the man I love
  3. I am free to work out on my dreams and make it happen
  4. somehow I can grasp on some of my gratuitous wants
  5. a hobby that makes me happy and motivated with life
  6. I have a great and humble God before me, always ready to back me up and listen to my words of thanks in glorious moments and woes in times of despair.

That’s all for today’s post… You’ll see more of this Shein camouflage jacket in the coming days… Cheers for another year!!!

Shein camouflage jacket

Apartment 8 top similar here

Skirt similar here

Aldo bag

Heels similar here

Photo by Ragdoll Sparrow

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