Sweet and chic like a barbie doll

barbie doll dress

I love how this outfit made me feel so young and care-free.  Despite the reality of my age ha-ha,  I felt the urge to dress up like barbie doll who doesn’t age and yet always looked polished and fashionable.  With shift dresses like this,  anyone can instantaneously feel girly and chic in an effortless fashion.  Whether paired with sassy heels or flattering flats, it doesn’t matter; the dress itself is pretty enough and comfortable too.  The best part is you can wear this type of dress in all casual occasions, be it a day out with your besties, a lunch with your mom or a movie date with your special someone.  Since this dress is a tad simple as it is, you can also layer out your accessories without looking like a Christmas tree; but since I’m not really an accessory-type person, I only added a little extra just for contrast._DSC7844 _DSC7837 _DSC7835 _DSC7834_DSC7828 _DSC7827 _DSC7825 _DSC7816 _DSC7800 _DSC7791 _DSC7786 _DSC7785

_DSC7849_DSC7780_DSC7765_DSC7764_DSC7755_DSC7741_DSC7731_DSC7752_DSC7733This coral cross-body Parisian bag is all the accessory that I needed for this look.  It gave depth and contrast to this oh-so girly outfit and gave extra wow factor to the colours on this outfit scheme._DSC7728_DSC7705Spoiled bratte shift dress similar here & here| Parisian cross body bag at the SM Store similar here | Primadonna heels similar here

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