It’s Wednesday, that time of the week where I share with you who I’m getting style inspiration from, not only for this particular week but in all other weeks too.  I cannot deny, I am an avid reader of her blog especially on times my motivation is fired up when life happens.  It is always comforting to be able to turn to your style crush and somehow feel boosted and enthused.  I get so much style inspiration from Jessica Ricks of Hapatime.  Her style is one that I constantly adore and have so much praises for.  I love how effortless each of her looks lays on print and how sophisticated and classy she exudes every time in all her daily outfit musings.

*if you click on each of the photos, you’ll be re-directed to her actual posts, and if you haven’t been following her yet, you might want to get on with the hapatime bandwagon.

5 classic DSC_0342-769 DSC_3249-769 DSC_3592-769 DSC_4540-769 DSC_5105-769 DSC_6096-769 DSC_6478-769 DSC_7672-769 DSC_9910-769 NyYdkE

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