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Starting your day right

_DSC7348_DSC7370It’s a cliché for me when we talk about the right way to start our day.  I am no morning person, even though I try to be, still getting up early in the morning and having breakfast at the acceptable hour is quite impossible for me to achieve.  But I know I should snap over that kind of habit and start doing it right.

I kind of got into the hang of not going to work as a nurse, not rushing to work at dawn and going home on the wee hours of the evening.  I am entitled to my own time these days and I must admit I’m enjoying it while it will soon last.  The down fall however is that, my insomnia is hitting me back once more therefore I always end waking up late in the morning whilst others have done so much of their own stuff already.

So, here are my top 5 mish-mash of resolutions:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast.  It’s odd because I rarely eat breakfast.  Even when I was still on my younger days I barely eat breakfast.  I know this is totally not healthy and unacceptable because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It is the one meal you should never miss because it gives you enough energy you need to jumpstart your day.  I know I have been doing it all wrong ever since, but I am seriously doing it right this time. J
  2. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.  I need to pump up these muscles once and for all and get fit as soon as possible.  I have stopped going to the gym for almost a year now and I must say it is no good.  Being fit is a way to a sound mind.  If you feel good about yourself, you’ll be much happier from the inside.  A lot of good and positive vibes comes from doing exercise on a regular basis.  Exercise gives off a sense of euphoria, but in a good way.  It diminishes negative thoughts and allows you to focus on the good side of everything.  Hubby and I are going back to the gym starting next week; I’ve got so much excitement for that.
  3. Plan out activities for the day.  As much as I wanted a planned out activities for each single day, most of the time, I just do not feel the need to have everything planned out because whenever I do, I always end up not doing it or it doesn’t just happen.  However, it makes a difference if you have a planner with you every time.  That way, you get on track with the important things like meetings, events and special occasions you have to accomplish or look into.  A planner always comes in handy especially if you are as forgetful as me.
  4. Focus on the positives.  Each time we wake up, we should never forget to offer a prayer and thank God for allowing us to wake up to another day.  We then have to decide as soon as we awake in the morning that we are going to have a wonderful day no matter what.  Having this thought in mind will give us a long way and extra tons of comfort that will caress us even though circumstances would shove us to lose our cool.  Nothing beats a positive person.
  5. Have a sound sleep earlier even before insomnia strikes.  Last but not the least; we won’t be able to start our day right if we entertain our insomniac thoughts throughout the night.  It would be convenient to fight insomnia by having a good read before going to bed or drinking a glass of milk to calm the senses, whichever way suits you best._DSC7372 _DSC7380 _DSC7384 _DSC7396 _DSC7400
  6. _DSC7401floral romper/playsuit (similar here) |  So fab wedge | Call it Spring sunnies & earrings
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