Off to Surigao

Earlier this week, father-in-law, husband and I thoughtlessly decided on a 4-day trip to Surigao… and I was like giggling with mere excitement.. All I had in mind was  nothing but the side-trip we could enjoy at the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao.  Woohoo! A trip to Surigao was 0ne for the books.  I have never been past Gingoog city and I have never been to Butuan either.  So, after knowing that our trip was pushing through, I instantaneously packed mine and hubby’s stuff and the following day, off we went… 🙂 Even husband could tell how enthralled I was, I literally was too obvious with my excitement that the trip shouldn’t be delayed or postponed at whatever expense hahaha..

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Since I never really knew if this trip was actually happening, I didn’t have the luxury of time to prepare myself.  With that I mean, my “bikini bod” hahaha… excuse my shameless excerpt.  NO, I did not pack any swimsuits, not with an all-male company (hubby, father-in-law and uncle) 😉 other than that, my bulging tum-tum is not ready for the camera.

Though I was really excoited for the trip, what took a portion of my excitement was the relentless thought of a 7-8 hour long drive..  Just the thought of how boring it could get, set me aback.  But knowing I was travelling with my hubby plus him being the driver made me think, this would be one thrill of a ride (you don’t know how speedy he could get).

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I wore something really simple and comfy during our long trip to Surigao city.. A knitted top plus a skirt and the comfiest sneakers ever was my go-to travel look.


The whole trip was fine until we had a flat tire minutes after we passed Butuan city.  Unluckily, one of the front tires got pricked by a nail freely crawling along the lengths of the highway.  Amongst the many high speed vehicles that drove along the same road, ours was the luckiest one to get hit by the awesome nail.  That actually added another hour of our long trip, plus we dropped by the nearest vulcanizing shop to have it fixed as it was really loosely plucked.  When we arrived Surigao, it was already nearing 6:00 in the evening and we were all tired and hungry.  We had an awesome dinner and checked-in at E.Y. Suites along Navarro street.

It was a long trip but we know it’ll be all worth it.  We snoozed up early as the following day we are set to travel for Siargao at 6:00 am.  More of our Surigao-Siargao travel experience on my next posts…  Expect for flood posts and the like as this trip was a first for me… 🙂

Thank you for dropping by and reading until this very point.. <3

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