Florals, Pearls and Lace

buns and floral crowns

Hello September! It’s that start of the month where I get giddy and excited.. When -ber months start coming, I then look forward for Christmas, and start canvassing for presents as early as September haha (the earlier the better). Sorry for taking you too far ahead to December, and being way too off-topic.  I got carried away for a moment there. 🙂

Today, I am sharing a very relaxed, laid back style outfit you can wear to almost all no fuss gatherings, such as: get together with friends, fun at the beach, chitchatting with friends in a cafeteria, sipping your favourite cuppa at Starbucks, or perhaps a quick visit to the farm just like I did..

On days I feel most rushed, I stick with my comfort zone and clothe myself with the casuals.  Last Sunday, my family (hubby side) and I went to harvest some rambutan and durian in the farm.  I wore some casual denim cut-off shorts and easy-breezy open-back top that day.  Since I was also set to take product photos that very day for my skin care routine (read it here), so I kind of thoughtlessly matched them outfits accordingly.

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I adore tops like this.  I love how simple it is from the front but way too chic on the back with it’s open V-back detail. I could not wear it as is because my family might throw towels on me to cover up my back, especially since we’re in the farm.  So, I wore a sheer, lace crop top underneath.  I love how it turned out though.  I’m overwhelmed, my favourite details all in one outfit pairing; open-back, floral-print, denim cut-offs, rose, comfy sandals, pearls and lace.  Yesss to outfits like this.


My hair decided to be diligent that day, yay! So even though I had no make up on, all the tiny details made up for it.. Plus, it’s actually the first time that I was happy with how my bun turned out, because it seems to be really quite a hurricane mess on most days.


I have to say, this floral crown with mini rose details melt my heart. I love how each tiny details complemented this whole laid-back look.


floral, open V-back top same HERE | lace top same HERE | denim cut-offs same HERE | Mags pearl earrings | Ororama pearl necklace | PRP sandals | Tofu’s Ulzzang Shop floral crown

Cheers to a relaxed day out with ze family… Have an awesome first week of September everyone and Happy Friday!

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