In the mood for skorts

I have always been appeased with wearing either shorts or skirts (of all sorts) and right now, I am just in the mood for skorts (skirt + shorts).  I have to thank the genius designer behind the idea of this design, as have known, skorts were popular way way back in the 90s or earlier I’m not sure.

What I love about this piece of clothing is that, though it’s oddly simple, it brings out feelings of ease when you do wear shorts and relieves that doubt on days you want to wear mini skirts.  It’s genius because it appears to be a really short skirt on the front but when you peak at the back, you’ll realize — deng, these are some good pair of shorts.. 🙂 Having worn this one, my memories of being part of a cheerleading squad back in my juniors was revered.  You see, I get overwhelmed even from the simplest of things or simply on scoring pieces of clothing like this.

blushpearls02 blushpearls06 blushpearls05I am not really the type who worries too much on coherence of looks; say, this color should only go with this color or vice versa.  I am a self-diagnosed color-deficient, I am not entirely familiar with all the complexities and mixtures of color so I don’t follow that rule of coherence when it comes to color, I just rely on my intuition and sense of satisfaction.  When I feel happy about the look I’m wearing, that’s when I realize I have paired my ensembles right irregardless of the colors I have matched them with.

But, luckily for this one, I don’t know if you’ll agree but I kind of want to pat myself on the back, simply because I felt a sense of coherence in this one; color-wise. 🙂blushpearls04 blushpearls03I have blogged about two other skorts which I have fell in love with.  You can view it here and here.

blushpearls07blushpearls01blushpearls11blushpearls10blushpearls09blushpearls08Forever 21 top | Shabby Chic skort | Romwe bag | People are people heels | Aldo watch | Call it spring cat-eye sunnies

Photo by Ragdoll Sparrow of the A.R.T Box

Shot on location: Lifestyle District, Cagayan de Oro City

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