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Hello loves! To start off, please allow me to scream out loud………. Uggh! I cannot fathom how much love I have for this dress.  My jaw literally dropped when I got this Sheinside dress in the mail.  Just by the looks of it, it’s more than gorgeous to comprehend.  Plus the fabric of this one is just superb.  I almost ran out of breath and panting on how much appreciation I have for this dress, plus the fabric is nothing but exceptional.  It’s made with high quality fabric and I can really say it’s sewn with love.   I may sound overly exaggerated but definitely loving this dress to pieces.

I have to warn you though of a photo overload up ahead 🙂 I simply could not afford to put into waste any of the photos my Hubby have taken (DAY) & my good friend, blogger & photographer Ragdoll Sparrow (NIGHT) of this gorgeous dress; they too have approved well of this dress.  I have thought of showcasing this dress by way of a DAY TO NIGHT VERSION of how this dress would look like in broad daylight; and how you can style it through the night whether you’re attending a formal event, a dinner date with your special someone or just dining out with your girlfriends.

DAY:  the good thing about this dress is that, it is a jewel in itself especially the lovely crystal print on the flare, the beautiful mix of colours and the open V-back detail that instantaneously screams girly and chic.

_DSC8386 _DSC8439 _DSC8435 _DSC8432 _DSC8427 _DSC8424 _DSC8422 _DSC8420 _DSC8419 _DSC8418 _DSC8413 _DSC8406 _DSC8401 _DSC8398 _DSC8396 _DSC8393 _DSC8388 _DSC8387For a more relaxed look, I threw on this plaid top and carried this extremely adorable roses & peony bag; these two accent pieces made this dress pop with so much colour.  The arm party and hand charms also made this dress dazzle with colour.  I’m in love, you could probably tell by now. 🙂

_DSC8447 _DSC8517 _DSC8504 _DSC8501 _DSC8499 _DSC8495 _DSC8489 _DSC8487 _DSC8485 _DSC8482 _DSC8480 _DSC8479_DSC8474 _DSC8471 _DSC8463 _DSC8462 _DSC8457 _DSC8454 _DSC8449

Through the day, in literally broad daylight when the sun is on its full might, I have opted to bring the equally stunning and vibrant colored umbrella with me.  It immediately added to the vibrancy of the whole look, and it’s picture-worthy too, don’t you agree? 😉 Also, look at how stunning the back of this dress is, wow! I’m blown away.  I really have a thing for any piece of clothing that has enormous drama on the back and this one is not far from what I adore.  The belt worn the other way than usual made the back even more dramatic which is exactly what I was aiming for. 🙂

NIGHT:  to make this dress nighttime and party appropriate, I rambled and shifted accent pieces into a much more sophisticated one.  I chose light-weight earrings that dangle ever lightly on the ears, not too bulky and not too shimmery as well.  I swapped the blue (is it really blue? Idk ha-ha) belt from earlier with a white belt with gold lock hardware and slid on a beautifully bejeweled pink sultry heels.  Walah! I’m ready to dine-out and grace the night away.

ARS_2162 copy ARS_2197 copy ARS_2191 copy (1) ARS_2179 copy (1) ARS_2178 copy ARS_2175 copy ARS_2167 copyARS_2201 copy 1ARS_2165 copyLimketkai Luxe Hotel

What do you think about this look? I hope you liked it as much as I do… For beautifully sewn dresses such as this, be sure to pay Sheinside a visit, I am certain you’ll be hooked.  🙂

Sheinside white sleeveless flare V-back dress | Jayjays plaid top | Ferragamo heels | Vixen accessories | Aldo roses & peony bag 

mom’s red floral umbrella

People are people white belt | Wholesale City white chain bag | Vixen accessories | Aldo customized bejeweled heels



Day: My dear Hubby | Night: Ragdoll Sparrow (blogger, stylist, photographer, friend)

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  • Reply Reyby Olympia

    That dress is AMAZING!!Your so pretty!The color,the design and the cut out at the back are the BOMB.COM!!!And it so versatile that you can use day to night.Love it!!

    01/31/2015 at 2:47 pm
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    02/04/2015 at 5:03 am
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