How to Look your best on Valentine’s Day

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Throughout the 365 days of each year, February 14 seems to be one of those days that matters most to many.  It’s also a day where all of us get to celebrate altogether irregardless of race, age, sexuality, spirituality and nationality. Valentine’s day is special whether or not an extravagant celebration is at hand; the mere fact that on all the days of the year, it is one special day where we all could joyfully shout to the world how much we love all the people dear to us especially our family, partners, other-half, friends and everyone we hold dear.  Yes, it is oddly true that expressions of love should not only be limited during Valentine’s day but everyday throughout the year.  Having this said, though the feast of St. Valentine is not celebrated as a holiday, it is celebrated by most countries and women from around the world aims to look their best during that day for their special someone.

So now the question is, how to look your best on Valentine’s Day?

ARS_2589 ARS_2683The answer is, to just BE YOURSELF.  Nothing looks more polished and natural than just being yourself.  However, it wouldn’t hurt as much if we extend a wittle bit of effort to oomph-up our complete look for that special someone on Valentine’s day.

1.  Choose outfits that you are comfortable with; it’ll help if you style yourself and start playing dress-up the night before to prevent looking all-rushed up during Valentine’s day especially when you know you’re going out somewhere with your loved one/s.  Putting on something your loved ones don’t often see you wearing would surely make their eyes pop and would definitely wow them with glee.

2.  If you are not a fan of putting on make-up and looking all glammed up; try to extend a little effort in enhancing your features even by simply defining your brows, elongating your lashes, giving your cheeks a little bit of definition and putting on a lip color that you don’t usually wear (like a red or plum lipstick perhaps).

parfois maxi skirt3.  If you have decided to stick with your simple and usual style, try to make it a little more special by putting a bling on it.  Accessorize like you have never played with accessories before 🙂 Adding a crazy statement piece like an over-sized watch or layers of necklace or perhaps a studded dangling earrings will surely give some variation to your usual look, stepping up a bit for that ones in a year special date.

4.  If you know where your husband or special someone is taking you, dress appropriately.  If you are going out for a date in a fancy restaurant, it’s time for those stilettos to come out in their hiding place and show it off.  Or if you are aiming for a date outdoors, let out your daintiest floral sun dress and give it a good show on the park.  Wearing something special on occasions that only happen once a year is nothing but endearing. I am pretty certain you’ll get good compliments from your partner or loved ones ringing right in your ears.  Now, who wouldn’t want that? 🙂

mags floral skirt floral skirt5.  Don’t expect too much… sometimes we expect too much that when our expectations aren’t met, we dwell, lose our joy and end up ruining our day.  So, it’s as joyful if we let loose and just go with the flow and be surprised..  If your partner did not get the luxury of time to prepare something big and extraordinary for you, still be thankful for whatever he has in store for you.  Big or small, swept off or not, it’s the love that you both share that matters most.

6.  Exude in confidence.. a woman floating with confidence is admirable.  Even though there are circumstances you kept battling within yourself, try to own the day and decide to be confident; decide to feel good and decide to be happy no matter what the circumstance might be.  If you feel good about yourself, it’ll show.  Your aura will be filled with confidence, and confidence at its finest is always a good thing.

7.  Never compare.  The tendency with us women is that, we sometimes feel unsure of ourselves, of how we look and with that, we tend to compare ourselves to other women who we think looks better than us (skinnier, sexier, fairer… and the list goes on).  We all have those days when we don’t feel beautiful at all, blame it on our ever changing hormones but always know, that each and every single one of us is different; that we are all beautiful the way we are. We can admire the beauty of others but we should adore and love ourselves even more.  🙂

flared skirt flared skirt 2 blushpearls 6 blushpearls 58.  Choose to be happy.. it’s not only during Valentine’s day that we should decide to choose to be happy.  It would be a good and healthy practice to be happy everyday throughout the year; to find happiness even in an oddly terrible situation, even on days when it calls for your evil twin sister whose hiding in your innermost soul to come out; even while writing these, i felt empowered by the thought of choosing to be happy each day.  Think of what difference it’ll make if on valentines day you choose to be happy; think of how best you can look if you are overflowing with so much joy in your heart.  A happy heart and soul relinquishes beauty and all the other good stuff you can get out from merely deciding to be a happy person. 🙂

9.  Wear your most delicately loved perfume.. the lovely scent of your perfume would surely draw your partner closer to you and would definitely want to swoon you with hugs and kisses.  Plus a sweet smelling perfume has a distinct aroma that would instantaneously make you feel good about yourself; and if you feel good, you’ll definitely look good..

10.  Last but not the least, don’t forget to wear your most beautiful smile… A grumpy face isn’t cute, isn’t flattering, isn’t alluring but showing off that beautiful smiling face sets the mood right for everybody to enjoy.  Start the day right and end the day right with a beautiful smile.  Unarguably, everyone will thank you for your contagious smile, even those you don’t know might benefit from your sweet and charming smile so wear one now and brighten up someone’s day.. 🙂

blushpearls 4 blushpearls 3 blushpearls 2 blush pearls ARS_2676 ARS_2599 ARS_2597 ARS_2595 ARS_2593 dress worn as a top, a gift from my sister (similar here) | Mags maxi skirt (similar here) | Parfois earrings | Diva ring

hopefully my valentine’s day lookbook will be up on my youtube channel plus announcing my blog giveaway winner before the week ends…

Photo by blogger/friend Ragdoll Sparrow of the A.R.T box
Shot on location: The Lifestyle District, CDO
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