Culottes and Camouflage

denim culottes

Culottes and camouflage, bell-bottom jeans, skorts, overalls to name a few are pieces that have been popular in the 80s and 90s or even earlier.   These pieces especially culottes  has nowadays made a huge comeback in the fashion industry, thanks to designers who have re-fallen in love with them, added a modern twist to the classic look, which is  now marketed in different lengths and fabrics.  Top fashion bloggers and enthusiasts from all around the world have styled them differently but beautifully atop one another.

knee-high denim culottes

Luckily for me, I had this denim culottes hibernating in my closet for the longest time.  I couldn’t even remember how long it’s been sitting in my closet but, I can still remember the time I scored this piece in one of the local stores here in my hometown.  After I received this gorgeous camouflage jacket from Shein, I knew it was time to showcase them culottes again and save it from drifting away into the forgotten sections of the closet.

trendy culottes trendy knee high culottes

This look is fairly simple and can be worn daily, minus the jacket since it’s still scorching hot in the country.  I have paired this camouflage jacket in three different ways and this is the third one.  You can view the first two looks in my two recent posts.  I will also be sharing a very short video on how I styled this camouflage jacket in 3 different ways in the next few days.

Shein camouflage jacket

That’ll be all for this post.  Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies.

Shein camouflage jacket

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Photos by Ragdoll Sparrow


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