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Hello lovelies! Today, I’ll be sharing a quick, no fuss corporate look that’s super easy to recreate.  I adore women who work in a corporate world; women who are constantly accentuated by their pencil skirts, tailored pants, structured blazers and mid-high stilettos.  Wearing an outfit that somewhat resembles that of a corporate look gives off a strong burst of confidence and a feeling that you can rule the world simply by tweaking your daily grind of outfits; trying on something you don’t get to wear often and owning it like you belong in a corporate world (a C.E.O perhaps).  My vision of a corporate look quite went overboard and matched nothing like what I’m about to share.  I am aiming for a nonchalant, relaxed corporate look (sorry not the C.E.O type though) you’ll need:

  1. a plain top.

Plain tops always, without fail go effortlessly well with any structured skirts/trousers.  Plain tops especially those with light-weight fabric such as silk and chiffon makes someone look more polished and put together no matter the color of the bottom she opts to wear; it would look more corporate when topped with a well-suited blazer.  Also, if I have tucked this top under my skirt, it would’ve appeared more sleek and business-casual appropriate; but my aim was a hassle-free corporate look, or the grab-whatever-you-can-pair and the no-time-to-style look, hence my completed outfit.  Let’s admit it, we sometimes don’t have the luxury of time to prepare outfits for everyday especially when we’re faced with too many backlog workloads that we need to catch up every single day.  A complete outfit for a whole week would be impossible to achieve unless you wear a uniform, so a laid-back look such as this would just be perfect for that on-the go corporate woman. 😉


  1.  minimal to nil accessories.

When sporting a corporate look, it’s one of those few looks which don’t require tons of accessories.  In fact, even without a single accessory is already fabulous.  How you carry yourself and the confidence you exude is the single most important accessory you have to worry about in corporate styling.  I am not a guru when it comes to what-to’s and how-to’s but this is how I perceive corporate styling would be… Reading this, I welcome you to my vision and my thoughts of what a nonchalant corporate look is… 🙂

  1.  a fitted skirt/pencil skirt.

What perfect way to dress up for a corporate event, interview or business-casual meeting, than to flaunt a gorgeous, flattering, pencil/midi skirt.  Skirts this tight and one that cuts right on the knee I suppose is perfect for those who could barely walk in heels just like me.  Surprisingly, since the fabric cinched both my knees it made walking in heels a lot easier; and made walking lady-like a no-brain-er. 🙂  This skirt is not only figure-flattering but also makes one feel more empowered and sophisticated.  If you fancy skirts with this type, cut and fabric, you may well find gems in ZALORA’s Marketplace where you could find tons of gorgeous fashion pieces to choose from.  Believe me you’ll be confused and stuck for hours on which items to choose.


  1.  a mid-high stiletto/pumps.

For me, the shoes make or break an outfit.  For some, it would be the choice of clothing or the entirety of the outfit itself.  We could throw whatever shoes our eyes could lay on when we’re in a hurry, but if we’re not, opting to wear the right pair of shoes for the right outfit completes a look.  Say for this particular outfit, I opted to wear a medium heeled, slimmer soled pumps to give an ounce of sophistication in this simple, laid-back corporate-like ensemble.  I could wear pointed flats in lieu of a stiletto if walking in heels bothers me that much but it wouldn’t look as convincing if it were paired with flats.

If I opted for wedge sandals or heels, the entirety of the outfit would appear more like for a date with husband or meeting with the girl friends.  A good pair of shoes can not only give you an extra boost of height but also the much needed confidence as well; confidence to reach goals and aim high in the corporate world.  For a wide array of shoes of all sorts and wedge sandals for all casual occasions including one similar to what I’m wearing, ZALORA’s Marketplace is the place to be, they have a good and high quality collection of all things shoes, all things girly and all things with style.

f and f skirt

  1.  Last but definitely not the least, a neutral makeup look.

For a highly demanding corporate job, or that much anticipated corporate interview or better yet a business meeting, you couldn’t afford to look too pale or too blah.  Although we always aim for that fresh, natural face, we could oomph it up a bit with some neutral color on the eyes, a little dusty blush on the face and a bit on the lips.  You want to give a good impression, and by that, physical appearance does matter especially when it’s your first job interview or your first ever client meeting.  If you aren’t into putting any make-up at all, I say it’s time to challenge yourself… Not to overdo it of course but just to enhance and define your features.  A little bit of every small effort goes a long way. 🙂

_DSC0442Again, this look would be perfect for interviews, meetings, casual conferences and the like, however minus the chunky accessories and with the addition of a well-suited blazer in a neutral color.  This could also pass as a going out with friends outfit exchanging the pumps with wedge sandals or heels. 🙂

Romwe top | F and F clothing midi skirt | Primadonna heels (more similar products at ZALORA’s Marketplace) | quilted bag (similar here) | bracelet (a gift from a friend)

Curled my hair using Fashion Hair Rollers from Tofu’s Ulzzang Shoppe (a much detailed review soon)

Hope you enjoyed this nonchalant corporate look… Have a nice day everyone!

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