Chinita’s birthday shoot III: Young and sweet

DSC_0563 DSC_0565 DSC_0600 DSC_0634 DSC_0649 DSC_0651 DSC_0660 DSC_0679 DSC_0701 DSC_0704 DSC_0708 DSC_0714 DSC_0769 DSC_0773 DSC_0778 DSC_0824 DSC_0835

Okay, this is the third and final set for our birthday shoot.  I know i said in my previous post that the second set was my favourite, but this one’s got to be the best among the 3 that I’ve shoot so far.. You don’t have to agree with me though, lol! 😉 Thanks for tuning in and thanks for all my new followers.. 🙂

Photography | Styling |HMUA – Yours truly 😉

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