Bridal 101: Prenup ideas & Postnup photo ideas


In my previous post, I blogged about my top 50 wedding gown inspirations from Rosa Novias.  If you haven’t read that yet, kindly view it here.  As promised, I am sharing a gallery full of photos from our engagement and post-nuptial photo session.

Prenup Ideas:

I am not certain when engagement shoots became a first hit.  All I am aware of is that, some engaged couples has been decisive to have a photo session months before their wedding.  Perhaps one good reason would be, to have a photograph that will serve as a layout for the couples “save the dates” and for RSVPs.

There a lot of themes circulating online shared by photographers, bridal websites and couples alike.  To name a few, themes such as Rustic, Shabby Chic, Travel, Beach, Ethereal, and Fairy-tale engagement shoots has well been popular among couples. There are creative themed photo shoots as well for the much daring couples who are after of fun and uniqueness, such as: Grunge, Adventure-filled, and Movie-inspired.  For my husband and I, he agreed to go for whatever theme I had in mind, so we had 3 different sets for our e-session: Classic/Vintage, Retro and Luxe.


I always have a thing for classic, vintage and retro fashion so I asked my stylist Kevin Abdala and the Lakshmi Photography team that I wanted our sets to revolve around these themes.

Our first set was to mimic a classic setting which shows pure simplicity and elegance.  My makeup artist Hale Demetrio did an outstanding job in recreating the classic look that I wanted.  I felt like a classic lady from the ’60s with classic curls, bold lip, and black ensemble.

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 Get this look here:

rosa novias long dress

Retro: Into the Scrap

Blogging about my random spills and posing in front of the camera for my daily outfit pairings has made me a bit confident with photo shoots.  But for my husband, the experience was new for him.  He was always behind the lens taking my photos for my ootds and random chants.  During our engagement shoot, it was his first to be professionally photographed.  I knew he was nervous because he was a little bit stiff during our first few shots and he was mumbling on my ear how uncomfortable the scenario was.  Luckily, we were already friends with photographers Jiva and Julie Jimenez of Lakshmi photography, after a few laughs and giggles he was bringing the A game.

This was our favorite set because (1) we had matching bright retro outfits and (2) we had a non-typical backdrop full of barrels, pipes, scraps and scrolls.  It was indeed memorable.  Our photographers came up with this location which we never thought would turn out so vibrant and great.

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Get this look here:

rosanovias purple short dress

Sunset Luxe

The last set of our engagement shoot was all about the luxury of having to be photographed during a sunset.  It was magical.  The sky was gloriously beautiful enveloped with shades of magenta, yellow, pinks and blues.. It was perfect. We had a fun time with the shoot and we couldn’t be any happier with the team whom we entrust our engagement shoot with.

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Get this look here:


 Photos by Lakshmi Photography

Styling by Kevin Abdala

Makeup and Grooming (1st set) by Hale Demetrio

Makeup and Grooming (2nd and last set) by Jhong Roa Banquerigo

Postnup Ideas:

This whole postnup shoot was conceptualized and made possible by Lakshmi Photography, our wedding photographer; shooting with him were Ayo Fotography and Lauriel Dela Cruz.  His vision was superbly thought of, having the picturesque backdrop of the ocean and the dazzling peek of the sun about to rise.  However, the sun failed to rise on our end of the horizon.  Instead, all we had was a grey flock of hue enveloping the sky, so gloomy and dew.

They still never hushed because for them, as masters of their own field, there’s always beauty in every climate, weather and season.  Every moment is precious, so long as it’s captured on cam.

Into the Light

These jaw-dropping shots were taken by Ayo Fotography, we couldn’t be any happier with how the photos turned out especially with a backdrop as breathtaking as this.  Nothing beats the beauty of nature.

Get this look here:


Trash the Dress

Out of all the pre and post nup photos we’ve done, I must say this was the most fun, exciting and yet tiring shoot we ever did.  What’s really interesting was, hubby and I got to climb a huge mangrove tree, and we had to walk barefoot and crouch over tiny sharp mangroves sprouting everywhere.  I was too petrified and hopeful at the same time, not to poke my foot with its spikes.  The most challenging part I guess was carrying the bulk of a soaking wet wedding gown train, ’twas heavy but all worth it.  Not only have I posed for the camera, I got to do a bit of lifting too to tone my arm muscles 😀 It was indeed a great experience for my husband and I.

In these last few snaps, I have to say, thumbs up to my hubby as he posed for the camera like a pro. I was so proud of him. ♥

Get this look here:


Photos by Ayo Fotography

Hair, Makeup & Grooming by Cristie Jane Sia

Styling by Kevin Abdala

Gowns by Boogie Musni Rivera

Husband and I were blown away by the outcome of our photo shoot.  We will surely treasure these photos forever.  We are beyond grateful for the amazing team that we worked with.  If you are from around Cagayan de Oro, kindly check their respective links for contact details.  I hope this post has given you a little bit of insight on what theme to go for, in your soon-to-be wedding photo sessions.  Best of luck!


For a complete list of “wedding dresses“, “wedding party dresses” and “special occasion dresses” which you can wear for your engagement sessions, kindly visit for all your bridal needs. ♥♥♥

NOTE: These photos are copyright protected but not locked. If you are to use or share these photos in any way, please do not crop its signature marks.  Kindly link them back or give credits to the owner instead. Thank you.
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