Bridal 101: All about wedding dresses

Shout out to all brides-to-be, feeling stoked on which bridal dress to choose on your magical wedding day? Read on…

The most enchanting yet daunting moment that could ever happen to a woman is perhaps the day she walks down the aisle and marries the man of her dreams.  As exciting as that may sound, it takes more than what meets the eye. Getting married is one thing but preparing for your wedding day takes the most part of the whole wedding process. If you opt to have the luxury of having a professional wedding planner assist you plan your wedding day, it will be much convenient for you as a bride. However, planners give you options but it’s you who will make most of the decisions, of course.. especially on the most crucial part of choosing which wedding dress to wear, what type, silhouette or design that best suits your sense of style and your body type as well.

Writing this article, my mind was flushed with wonderful memories from when my husband proposed, to the time we were both busy planning and making our dream wedding come true.  It’s indeed remarkable to share with you something special and relive those inexplicable gush of feelings and emotions I felt during those times.

So, brides-to-be, I feel you… ♥ to help you decide on which designs to choose for your big day with your man, here are my top 50 favorite on-trend wedding dresses from Rosa Novias which I grouped according to style or ease of wear. I could not choose one design for each style so I picked 50, yes you heard that right fifty wedding gown inspirations to choose from. Although it might be overwhelming for some to have gazillion of choices, the good thing is you won’t miss out on every single gown designs out there.

Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to only 50 gown inspirations, dig some more until you find that perfect dress for you.  You can then narrow your options from 50 to your top 10, then filter it some more to your top 5, until you can decide on that one perfect dress which best suits your preference and your personality as a stunning bride-to-be. To give you a heads up on what design I chose for my wedding day, I will be blogging separately about my wedding dress, our engagement and post-nuptial photo sessions, and some photos from our wedding day consecutively for the next 2 days or so…


For now, here are your 50 wedding gown design options:



Most wedding dresses have A-line silhouettes, photos below show exactly what an A-line silhouette is, the fabric flares out from a narrow waist resembling the letter “A” hence the term.  This type of silhouette flatters any figure and gives an illusion of a narrower waist which makes it a perfect choice for women who are self-conscious with their body types.  I personally love A-line wedding dresses or any dresses for that matter because it reminds me so well of fairy-tale dresses especially that one which Cinderella wore while running away from her Prince 🙂


au-elegant-a-line-sweetheart-beading-lace-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-301au-simple-a-line-halter-pockets-floor-length-satin-wedding-dresses-184au-elegant-a-line-bateau-beading-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-65au-elegant-a-line-half-sleeve-lace-hand-made-flowers-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-261-1Ball Gown

For soon-to-be brides who want to look and feel like royalty, this type of wedding gown would be perfect on your top 5 choices.  This stunning masterpiece relives and brings us back to that era where ball gowns are worn as the most formal attire a woman can wear to attend special occasions.  Nowadays, it has evolved and has been well loved by fashion designers and has since cautiously incorporated into the wedding dresses trend.  It usually has a tight bodice and super flared out full circle skirt with intricate cuts and seams.

au-charming-ball-gown-strapless-lace-hand-made-flowers-sweep-brush-train-organza-wedding-dresses-759 au-honorable-a-line-bateau-straps-beading-lace-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-87au-elegant-a-line-half-sleeve-cascading-ruffles-lace-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-263au-simple-ball-gown-bateau-straps-beading-bow-s-buttons-floor-length-watteau-train-satin-wedding-dresses-1126au-elegant-a-line-straps-lace-pockets-sweep-brush-train-satin-wedding-dresses-56au-simple-ball-gown-strapless-pockets-sweep-brush-train-satin-wedding-dresses-395Trumpet/Mermaid

Out of all these silhouette styles, I have to say, this style is my favorite.  In fact the wedding dress that I have chosen for my own wedding was of this style.  I find trumpet/mermaid silhouettes the most romantic type since it enhances your curves and gives you an illusion of a much slimmer waist or that of an hourglass figure.  However, this particular style is not for everyone, others might find this too uncomfortable due to it’s body-hugging fit and especially those that flares out right over the knee.  Trumpet or mermaid cuts are very figure-flattering, it also exudes elegance and grace to every bride that walks down the aisle with this style.

au-honorable-trumpet-mermaid-spaghetti-straps-beading-lace-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-98 au-honorable-trumpet-mermaid-straps-v-neck-lace-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-191au-sexy-trumpet-mermaid-bateau-straps-crystal-detailing-hand-made-flowers-sweep-brush-train-lace-wedding-dresses-1208au-sexy-trumpet-mermaid-bateau-beading-sequins-lace-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-2628Empire

Empire cut wedding dresses are for those brides who love free-falling dresses, soft fabric and one that gives off an ethereal feel.  Empire silhouettes are mostly those that are cinched just right under the bust or a little above the waist with a skirt that is loosely fitted.  If you are a bride who’s after of comfort than style, this type of silhouette could be perfect for you. This silhouette is also perfect for an outdoor (garden/beach) wedding.




I love how romantic and timeless this type of neckline is.  Although personally, I am not really a fan of V-neck necklines even with my daily outfit pairings, all I have for other brides who adore this type of neckline are praises since this type of neckline really looks glamorous and dramatic.  I guess if I am to wear this type of neckline, I’d go with the first photo in this category but with a little bit more embellishment on the waist and perhaps an open-back detail.

au-elegant-a-line-spaghetti-straps-v-neck-beading-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-262au-charming-a-line-spaghetti-straps-v-neck-beading-floor-length-chiffon-wedding-dresses-121au-exquisite-trumpet-mermaid-straps-v-neck-sweep-brush-train-lace-wedding-dresses-74au-charming-a-line-v-neck-short-sleeve-buttons-lace-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-277 One-shoulder

This type of wedding dress could be of any sort: A-line, trumpet/mermaid or empire.  The only difference is that, it hangs on one shoulder exposing the other.  It is perfect if you  want your shoulder to be the star of the show, this type will definitely draw attention towards your shoulders.  Ask your makeup artist to dab some highlighter on your collar bone and on the highest point of your shoulder to glow even more.  One shoulder dresses are simple yet very sophisticated and unmistakably elegant.

au-elegant-a-line-one-shoulder-beading-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-188au-sexy-trumpet-mermaid-one-shoulder-beading-sweep-brush-train-stretch-satin-wedding-dresses-60au-simple-a-line-one-shoulder-beading-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-268au-honorable-trumpet-mermaid-strapless-lace-sweep-brush-train-tulle-wedding-dresses-192au-elegant-a-line-one-shoulder-beading-lace-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-287Spaghetti strap

Spaghetti strap wedding dresses are for the much daring brides.  It is for those brides who’s not afraid to flaunt what they’ve got: broad shoulders, hefty neckline, slender arms 🙂 One thing to also consider is the church you will be wedded to.  Here in our local churches, especially the church where my husband and I got married, they discourage open necklines and spaghetti straps even for the guests, which is also the reason why I opted for a long sleeve wedding dress.  Other than that, spaghetti strap wedding dresses are as equally elegant and chic as most of the other dresses.  It really depends on your preference and your own sense of style, this particular style is also appropriate for that much awaited outdoor wedding.


Sleeve length


Apart from the trumpet silhouette, as mentioned earlier, my wedding dress had long sleeves and a see-through lace open-back detail.  I personally recommend this type of wedding dress especially for those conservative brides like myself.  Even if your shoulders are covered, this type of shoulder length is still dramatic and timeless.  Nowadays, especially with the modern brides, an illusion long sleeve sheath filled with embellishments is made available for brides who’s after of drama and comfort just like the last photo in this category.

au-charming-a-line-long-sleeve-lace-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-259-1au-charming-a-line-high-neck-3-4-length-sleeve-sequins-split-front-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-205 - Copy au-charming-a-line-long-sleeve-buttons-lace-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-194 - Copy au-charming-a-line-long-sleeve-beading-crystal-detailing-ruching-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-1199Short

This for me is the perfect sleeve length, not too covered and not too daring.  I love these 2 wedding dresses, they both look modern yet a classic timeless piece at the same time. Photos in this category show the back and front details of the dresses.  I especially love the minimalist edge of the second dress with no embellishment whatsoever but tailored to perfection.  These two dresses are perfect for brides who’s after of both glamour and comfort.


Open back

Open back dresses can be of any silhouette, but I have to say whenever I see pictures of wedding gowns with open-back details from the simplest to the most intricate design, I always find myself in awe.  I love these type of dresses, the front design usually is very simple but the back detail is just quintessential.  Others might not even have an idea that the dress is full of surprises and without fail, always a stunner.  I couldn’t get enough of how pretty and sophisticated these open-back dresses are.



Lastly, I had to include this category for our conservative brides who aren’t so keen on wearing sultry dresses such as those open-backs, V-necks and those with lower necklines.  I love that these wedding dress options have higher necklines but still very enthralling, dignified, chic, modern, exquisite and stylish in so many different ways.  These are perfect for church, hall or outdoor weddings.


That wraps up my top 50 Wedding Dress inspiration for all the soon-to-be brides.  These are great options for you especially if you still haven’t decided on which design to go for.  The good thing is, all these dresses can be found in Rosa Novias, this might just be the perfect bridal boutique for you.  They cater to every bride and they sure will assist you in your search for that one perfect wedding dress.  They even have wedding party dresses (maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls), wedding guest dressesspecial occasion dresses (prom, pageant, evening, cocktail, homecoming and communion) and much more. ♥♥♥

flower girl dresses_rosa novias

rosa novias bridesmaids

rosa novias prom dresses

For all the soon-to-be-brides, I wish you all the best.. Have fun and enjoy your journey into not only finding your perfect wedding dress but throughout your whole wedding preparations as well.  Good luck and I hope this article gave you a little bit of insight about the different types of wedding dresses and where to have them made.  xoxo♥♥♥

Why choose Rosa Novias?


  • Fine fabrics

    We carefully select high-quality fabrics and threads to create every dress. We look for vibrant colors, beautiful sheen and rich textures in every material that goes into your dress.

  • Elegant beading

    Many of our dresses feature beading on the sleeves or skirt. Professional dressmakers spend hours sewing on beads and pearls to perfect an elegant and classic design for you.

  • Exquisite embroidery

    Embroidering a wedding dress takes great skill and an eye for detailed designs. Our dresses feature exquisite hand-done embroidery, brought to life from patterns and the hands of dressmakers.

  • Hand ruching

    Ruched detailing is not just decoration for your dress-it can create a figure-flattering silhouette. Our tailors do ruching by hand to create the perfect shape and fullness on each dress.

  • Hand appliques

    Hand-done appliqués can give a dress that extra detail that takes it from pretty to breathtaking. Our dresses feature appliqués arranged into beautiful designs and attached by hand.

  • Lining and boning

    All our dresses are fully lined and structured to hold their shape and flatter your figure. Our full-skirted dresses use a hard net lining underneath a soft fabric that feels comfortable against the skin.

  • Tailoring Process
  • Packaging

    A lining bag, sturdy cardboard box and wedding garment bag accompany every wedding dress.

  • Shipping

    We ship to over 200 countries worldwide through fast and reliable delivery partners.

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  • Reply Bridal 101: Prenup ideas & Postnup photo ideas

    […] 50 wedding gown inspirations from Rosa Novias.  If you haven’t read that yet, kindly view it here.  As promised, I am sharing a gallery full of photos from our engagement and post-nuptial photo […]

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