Brands worth buying: K-palette, Urban decay, Bobbi brown

Urban Decay Smoked Palette

As we are heading towards the second week of January 2015, I am eager to share what I have been loving the past month up to this day.  These are my current beauty favorites, my go-to beauty essentials which are nonetheless perfect for travel as well.  I am falling in love especially with Bobbi brown’s peony and python palette as well as urban decay’s smoked palette, i have been loving it since I got it last year and have been using it non-stop.


I am going to stand by these duo for as long as it takes.. these one day lash perm mascara and real lasting liquid pen liner in super black are both nothing but amazing.  You can buy these two separately but you can save heaps more if you buy these duo together in one packaging.  I have come across this brand from Japan via famous Filipino bloggers and them raving about how they loved this brand.  They are famous for their 1 day tattoo eye make-up line and I decided to jump in on the craze.  Luckily for me, there’s no complaints only loves and praises for this super reliable brand.  I’ve got to say, the real lasting eyeliner is such a winner! I am no pro in lining my eyes especially in achieving that perfect winged eye which I have long been wanting to master, but hey, this eye liner does all the trick and it did put an end to my winged-eye dilemma.  The 1 day lash perm mascara is a bonus, the one thing that made me want to have it is that it’s not gunky unlike a few of the mascaras I have.  Plus, it sure doesn’t smudge anywhere even if I build up oil around my eyes for sometime throughout the day.

K-palette 1 day tattoo real-lasting eye liner | K-palette 1 day lash perm

lined the eyes using K-palette real lasting liner

L’oreal Lucent Magique 

What can I say? this blush is way too gorgeous not to notice.. I am a lover of anything pink and this blush is one I could not afford to pass on.  From the looks of it, it has three flattering shades of pink all packed in one palette, it is a powder blush that’s supposed to give a radiant glow from within.  Although the pinks in this blush appears to be overwhelming, but actually it’s not.  It gives you the perfect amount of flush you need for your cheeks to achieve that naturally pinkish glow.

Lucent Magique Blush of Light Glow Palette in Fuschia flush

_DSC6290-2 _DSC6300-2

Bobbi brown Peony and Python

If there’s an eye palette that I’m so glad I came across with, this must be it.  This Bobbi brown peony and python palette has the six cool-toned eye shades that I long to have in one palette.  This palette was released years back, I think that was some time in 2011, but its not too long ago that I learned and started to love makeup, so never too late I guess; glad it was still being sold. The packaging itself is so gorgeous, not so much with the python but the peony did it for me.  I am guilty as charged because what got me into buying this palette in the very first place is how lovely the packaging looked and how gorgeous the shades were.  These shades are more on the neutral side which makes it suitable for daily use and for travel.  The mixture of cool tone grays, pinks and purples were superbly thought of.  Though it did not get the love that it deserves but nonetheless I love it and it’s just perfect for me.

It’s hard to get hold of brands such as Bobbi brown and more here in the Philippines especially where I’m at, so I felt lucky to grab hold of this palette via the online store, Make-Up Your Mind.

_DSC6305-2 _DSC6325-2 _DSC6320_DSC6259_DSC6766eye make-up using Bobbi brown peony & python palette

Urban decay

If you haven’t yet read any of my previous “beauty” posts here on this site, I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned that its only mid 2013 that I’ve started to learn how to do my own make-up.  After that drive and motivation to learn, the urge to hoard make-up seemed difficult to mellow.  More so when I had the Urban decay Naked 3, I have loved Urban decay since then.  During times of anxiety and stress, I oftentimes regain myself back through watching make-up videos from beauty gurus that I deemed genius.  Having that said, I came across this Smoked palette which I first saw from Emily Noel then later from Jaclyn Hill and only recently from Jen of From head to toe, which by the way both videos dated back in 2011-2 I think.. It’s too impossible to grab hold of brands like these (and the Bobbi brown I previously mentioned) here in the Philippines so again, the angels were singing when I saw this palette up on Make-Up your Mind’s online store.  I let myself loose and did not bother to feel any guilt 🙂 I was all happy with the damage I made because I did put an ease to my heart’s content…

I love this palette so much that I filmed myself getting ready during NYE.. If you haven’t yet seen the video I made, I’ll re-link it down below.. I am not a pro in make-up artistry but I am sure learning each time.  This palette contains the most beautiful shades of greens, browns, taupes and purple with shimmers and 4 matte shades.  They’re all literally gorgeous, easy to blend and play with.  The packaging is a bonus, very sturdy and perfect for travel too.  It comes with a mini booklet which contains 12 different looks which you can recreate and try on for yourself if playing with colors isn’t your thing.

_DSC6336 _DSC6347-2 _DSC6345 _DSC6343 _DSC6342 _DSC6341

A simple subscribe from this newly uploaded channel (Blush Pearls) would be much appreciated..

Carmen Claire Cosmetics

I’ve been using this brush as a contour brush and been keeping this brush busy as I have been using it non-stop.  I saw this brush on my sister’s make-up bag and I literally took it away from her, HAHA! (but with permission of course) and she eventually ended up giving it to me, YAY! THANKS sissy.. from then on, all I have is much love and praises for this brush as it makes contouring as easy as sweep and swash.  It picks up product quite well depending on the amount of product you pick-up; it does the job of a perfect contour brush and it does give definition to the face because it blends product seamlessly.

_DSC6352-2_DSC6245contoured the cheeks using Carmen Claire Co's angled brush

You’ve reached the end of this post, thank you so much for reading up to this very end.. these wraps up my current beauty favorites; brands that will sure be worth any shameless damage… I have used these products and I have already showed so much love for each of these.  What have you been loving lately?  I’d love to try out new products in the coming days for the purpose of reviews and try-on.. Keep posted.  Thank you.

Happy first week of 2015!

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