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This is what I wore to last Saturday’s Fashion Hype, a fashion show featuring Ororama’s latest collection of dresses and accessories, graced by a few of Cdo’s sought after models.  Days after I got the invite, I got really excited, and the worst part of me being overly excited is, I always arrive late. Oh my! I don’t even know how every time I get ecstatic over something, I end up being late.  It happened not only once but a few times already huhuhu.  It’s pretty evident in these outfit shot as well that I was in a hurry because I did not have the luxury of time to dry and fix my hair, that’s so sad! If you only knew how busy my day was last Saturday… it was pretty crayzeee and pretty chaotic, time wasn’t really cooperative on me that day. (We rearranged the whole house that’s why) 😉

Anyways, I am still working on putting the short clips of the fashion show together so I can share it here.  I was not fortunate enough to catch the start of the show, actually I arrived to watch the curtain call part of the show, lol! I was that late.

I know Ororama might not be familiar to readers outside of Misamis Oriental, Ororama is a local shopping mall here in CDO and I’m not quite sure if they have this amazing store elsewhere in the country.  It is one of my go-to shops for inexpensive clothes and accessories.  Whenever I feel the need to stock up and update my closet, I most of the time go to this shop first and if I don’t find what I need, I hop and move on to other local shopping centres nearby.







Now you already know why my caption says ‘blue web’, I feel like the back detail of this stylish top is pretty much inspired by a spider’s web, don’t you agree? I love it, anything that has drama on the back is l<3ve.  That’s actually one of my weaknesses when it comes to shopping, I go gaga over tops and dresses with extraordinary dramatic details on the back.  I just couldn’t resist.





top & skirt Ororama | Ferragamo heels | Random brand accessories 




Tel: (088) 857 3100


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