31 Life Lessons

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Hello everyone! It is the 8th day of April and I’m still on birthday hype.  I cannot believe I’m 31 already, what a blessing.  In my previous post, I shared an all-black birthday outfit and 31 of my most valuable blessings, if you haven’t read that yet click here.  Today’s post somehow is interrelated with my previous post, only today, I am wearing an all-white outfit.  And since I am still on birthday hype, I thought it’ll be enchanting to share 31 lessons I have learned throughout the years.

But again, before I jump into sharing a carousel of life lessons, let me talk about this all-white outfit first.  I’d like to call it an all-white outfit despite the addition of browns and blues just because the main colour scheme for today’s look is white.  Just like blacks, I also have a fascination for whites, all for the same reason.  Blacks and whites, even browns are so easy to style with, in fact, my style staple and closet pieces revolves around these hues.all white outfitcamouflage jacket

What I adore about this look is the tiny dabbles of floral prints found on both the top and the camouflage jacket.  I reckon these hints of floral details bring the outfit to life.  If you may refer to my previous post, I paired this gorgeous Shein camouflage jacket with black, now with white.  The third pairing would be with black and white, stay tuned for it.  It goes to show that camouflage jacket can be versatile in more ways than large taxi tote

Carrying along, as promised, here are 31 random life lessons I have learned along the way now that I am 31 years old:

  1. Life can be tricky; you just have to know how to deal with it.
  2. Family is everything.
  3. We cannot please everyone, if we can; there’ll be peace on Earth J as long as we are not stepping on anyone, might as well carry on.
  4. Kindness is a reflection of the soul. It can be given freely at no cost.  Be kind.
  5. Friends come and go, but the real ones forever stay.
  6. If you value a person, even in their silence and at a no-show, you’ll understand.
  7. Generosity and thoughtfulness soothes the soul.
  8. Our actions are our own, justification is not always necessary.
  9. Ourselves we can control others we cannot.
  10. Patience indeed is a virtue.  Some are ill-tempered because they only have a little.
  11. Do things for the people you love.
  12. God rejoices for every good deed we extend to others.
  13. Problems and trials do pass. They are temporary.
  14. Laughter warms a troubled heart. Laugh often.
  15. When we offer to God all our worries, life becomes a whole lot easier.hihghligh on fleek Shein jacjet
  16. Faith and hope will see us through.
  17. Forgiveness frees us from sorrow and pain. Free you, forgive.
  18. Giving brings forth incomparable joy.
  19. It’s okay to be crazy and quirky at times, you do you.
  20. Find comfort in people you trust.
  21. Let us not forget the values taught by our parents, it will be our turn to teach them to our children. Good manners and right conduct starts at home.
  22. It is never pleasant to be bitter, envious, and hateful.
  23. How we treat others reflects how we want to be treated as well. Treat others with tact and dexterity.
  24. Taking risks, making difficult decisions, failures, are all part of life.
  25. Smile often, worry less.
  26. Focus on the good side of others. It’s easier that way.
  27. Life is what and how we make it. We captain our own ship.
  28. Love and pray ceaselessly, it helps us get through with life.
  29. Prayer and thanksgiving are the keys to a happy life.
  30. AGE is LIFE. Therefore we should not scowl and sulk as our youth fades.  Give thanks.
  31. Life is beautiful and it’s a gift. Cherish and don’t complain.white outfit

That’ll be all for today’s post.  I hope somehow you have gained inspiration from this.  Let’s empower one another.  Life is truly a gift.  Find ways to make things happen and enjoy life as it unfolds.

Shein camouflage jacket 

top similar here

Mango jeans similar here

Ferragamo heels

Coach Large Signature Taxi tote

Photos by Ragdoll Sparrow

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