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Before I jump into my summer bucket list, let me first give you a heads up about my lovely floral colorful outfit and my pastel balloons.  As I have mentioned in my previous post, I recently celebrated my birthday hence the customized balloons which my sister-in-law gave me. (Read my thoughts on turning ‘thirty‘ here) This gorgeous top and bottom combo is from a store called Spoiled Bratte.  With separates or sets like this, I love to style them separately to show how each piece of clothing can be transformed by switching key pieces (e.g. shoes, accessories).  Please watch out for the 2nd and 3rd set of this ensemble in the coming days.  If you were with me for quite some time now, I was delightedly invited to their store opening a year ago, view it here.  They started out as an online store and God-willingly ventured into having a physical store here in the city, Cagayan de Oro where locals can shop for fabulous and on-trend ladies wear. What best way to jump start the early days of summer than to wear anything that resembles the season: brights, fun colors, floral prints and light, sun-kissed, barely there makeup.

12It can’t be helped, it’s officially Summer!!! Here in tropical PHils., we often get too excited for summer, (1) because its quite a long school break for students (2) beach vacays are imminent (3) we just love to bask under the glorious heat of the sun, especially now which felt like the hottest one ever!

Two years ago, during the summer heat of Australia, hubby and I thought wow, “can’t it get any hotter than this?” It was hot, hot! like the rays pierced down through my skin from the shield of the car and I thought Philippines isn’t this hot, it’s humid but not soaking hot. However, summer today here in the country has definitely evolved, it’s strikingly hot and downright humid.  So, everyone’s been busy planning for getaways and trips to the beach or been crouching for Spring resorts to freeze the heat away.  Since summer is here, I am sharing my 10 summer bucket list with hopes that by the official end of summer, I would be able to cross out at least 4 of what’s listed here ha-ha!

_DSC1620_DSC1607_DSC1646_DSC1651_DSC16691.  Island hopping in Palawan – I’ve always wanted to explore the wonderful paradise of Palawan.  It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the country and I’m dying to visit the place and see its beauty with my own very eyes..

2.  Re-visit the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao.  When hubby and I visited Siargao last year, it was only a very short trip and one day isn’t enough to enjoy the length of the island.  Plus, the tides weren’t on our side back then, so, I long to be back in the place and visit Sohoton cave/Bucas Grande in particular.


_DSC1700_DSC1702 _DSC1710

3.  Try, scream and be thrilled with the Giant drop in Dreamworld, Gold coast Australia.  What am I really thinking? Giant Drop? NO.  I must be kidding.. (talking to self) this is I guess next to impossible.. I have a massive fear of heights, so I don’t know how to go about this.. we’ll see 🙂

4.  Ride a hot air balloon.  Hot air balloons are awesome, they’re colorful, they’re huge and the thought of being suspended up, up in the air is surreal..

5.  Bask under the skies of Bali, Indonesia.  Bali sounds really interesting, and I bet they have one of the most amazing sunsets in the planet too.


I know, these top 5 bucket list sounds really tricky and expensive to try and even crash out of the list but we’ll never know right? I must be dreaming.. the remaining half of the list sounds a bit realistic and sweet:

6.  Stargazing by the beach with hubby.  Even during my younger days, I’ve always loved stargazing and I’ve always loved watching the stars envelope the length of the sky.  I also love to stare at the sea of stars tirelessly until I see an illusion of stars falling down like drops of rain.

7.  Off road hiking and trekking in Mt. Pinatubo.  This sounds really interesting and full of adventure at the same time.  The trekking part is what I’m most excited about especially on board a 4×4 jeep.

8.  Movie marathon whole day on a Saturday.  Whole day seems to be rather interesting, not really much of an exhaust during summer, but hey, movie marathons are always a popular choice to liven up a rather ordinary day.

_DSC1758 _DSC1762_DSC1773 _DSC1767

9.  Try the longest zip line in Dahilayan Adventure park, Bukidnon.  I’ve tried the shorter one but I’m convincing myself to rid off the fear of heights and try the 800m suspesnsion with nothing but the cable and the straps.  It’s hard to rely on just that ;-/

10.  Bonfire and marshmallows.  This would be perfect with the sight of a placid shore.. I can’t wait to tick at least 3 or 4 out of this list, explore wonders, and  enjoy the summer breeze with hubby, family and friends.  What are your bucket list and must-try this Summer?  Some that I have just listed are bizarre and quaint but worth writing down, who knows the daredevil inside me might come out sooner than I would’ve possibly imagine. 🙂

Spoiled Bratte top and bottom | Avocado blazer | Vixen earrings | RDS bracelet | Ferragamo heels 

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