by Lesley Kim There has been a heat wave here in Los Angeles, the temperature rising above 100 degrees in some areas.  I have to say we are pretty spoiled with good weather because when we do get a few days of unbearable heat, everyone gets pretty…

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That Little White Dress

(ALERT: photo overload ahead ;-) I can’t help but post all these photos, don’t want these photos kept in my archive, I just love this dress a lot.)

How have  you been doing lately? My personal life has had its ups and downs but I am surely keeping the faith and optimism up on check.  So, when I got this gorgeously beautiful little white dress from Romwe, along with 2 other stunning dresses, I was more than amazed, I was happy ^_^

I was thinking of saving this dress for a more quaint occasion but, on the second thought, why not use it now rather than save it for the uncertain days up ahead..  There’s really no event necessary for this dress, you can wear it to even on days you feel a bit blue and just want to look gorgeous in an instant.  I must say, this one is quite a stunner, and quite a mood-changer.  Being a dress-hoarder, ;-) forgive my term, I am always on the look-out for pretty dresses be it online or in-store.  However, I realized I don’t have as much whites as blacks and other printed dresses.  So, I felt like this dress is heaven-sent.  Especially that the back of dress is nothing but adorable.  I love anything that has drama and one that catches a bit of attention on the back.  This particular dress is a tad simple on the front but the back is really one for the road.  I love how it’s bow-knot crisscross design made it girly rather than sultry.


Hubby and I plus my in-laws went to visit the farm to harvest on what’s left in the Rambutan trees.  I literally wore this dress to the farm because I thought this one would be perfect for an all green backdrop, don’t you think?  This dress itself is lovely on its own, all I had to add according to my kind of style is a floppy straw hat and some flats…


_DSC1337 _DSC1345 _DSC1362

Say hello to my favorite fruit, Durian.

_DSC1371 _DSC1378 _DSC1386

Before we left to go on the farm, I brought along with me a lovely floral, midi skirt which I imagined would be perfect to complement with this gorgeous little white dress… my vision was clear, and the skirt really did gave some magic touch and redefined the whole look.  Now, it’s even more prettier, don’t you agree? <3

_DSC1422 V _DSC1434 _DSC1469 _DSC1486 _DSC1489 _DSC1504 _DSC1507 _DSC1510 _DSC1527 _DSC1529 _DSC1537 _DSC1555 _DSC1591 _DSC1595 _DSC1597 _DSC1598 _DSC1602 _DSC1617

I am glad how this dress gave me a euphoric mood.. I am on the verge of redefining my outlook in life, find inspiration in everything that I do, learn to love life even more and accept life’s complexities as it happens.  Like me, I hope you also find that inner peace you have long been wanting to have.  I am not saying I only find inner peace when I style and look fancy but the more you feel good about yourself, everything else comes natural. :-) It’s all about living life to it’s full potential, we may have limited resources but the possibilities are always endless.  So never stop dreaming and never stop wanting to love life even more.

Be inspired lovelies… Enjoy the days ahead.. ^_^

ROMWE bowknot crossed strap back dress | Mags skirt (similar here and here) | Ally sandals (old) | ROMWE strawhat (smiliar)


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That short Denim dress

If you happen to swing by the SM department store, be sure to check out on the Girls Teens Wear department and I’m sure you’d be flushed with too many choices.  I am a teen no more but hey it doesn’t really matter :) designers nowadays tend to make clothing pieces wearable for everyone.  Though you have to dress your age but when you feel young and comfortable with whatever you are wearing, go for it.  Own it like no one else can.  Confidence is key. :-)


This true love denim halter mini dress is a yes for me.  It may not be for everyone since it’s too short and bare-back, but it is according to my style folio the last time I checked it :) I find it adorable and I feel like I’m back in my teen years having this on.  I prefer not to pile it with loads of accessories as I am not really an accessory-type of person.  I can go with no accessory at all, sometimes though.  You can also cinch it in the waist, I did not bother putting on a belt as I wanted it to be as simple as possible, just the way it is.  The point in this simple dressing is not to focus on the figure but to flaunt a denim ensemble without the extra oomph._DSC9891 _DSC9927

I layered it with a white button-down shirt and tied it around the waist so a little bit of silhouette redefines the look.

_DSC9934 _DSC9944

Simple isn’t it? :-)

SM GTW denim dress | Paperdolls button-down cover-up | Dotti booties

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