One Fine day

Enjoyed a quick beach trip with my husband’s family a few days ago, what’s a beach trip without some outfit post right? One of the most alluring backdrops ever for outfit shots is the beach and I readily asked my hubby to take a few snaps of the lovely Roxy dress I wore that day.  I managed to drag along my sister-in-law with me to have a quick summer photo session as her floral romper was a perfect contrast for the apricot dress I had on.  For summer dresses and outfits similar as what we wore, visit Dresslink; you’ll be amazed with how wide and reasonably priced their array of summer essentials are.  Each photos contain different links to dresses which I deem quite similar to what we both wore.

_DSC2717 _DSC2836 _DSC2791 _DSC2777 _DSC2769 _DSC2745_DSC2845_DSC2883_DSC2888_DSC2926_DSC2938_DSC2941_DSC2955_DSC2947_DSC2963

Roxy maxi dress (similar here) |The SM Store floral crown

On JANNAH: floral romper similar here | Tofu’s Ulzzang Shoppe floral crown | Havaianas flops


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Summer clothing check list

Recently, I’ve been writing about anything summer-related non-stop.  I’ve shared my summer bucket list, 5 musts for summer and now let’s talk about my summer clothing list :) For the longest time, I’ve been peeking back and forth in my drafts section in my dashboard.  I have been piling up my recent lusts over the summer outfits from Dresslink.  They have by far the chicest and luscious summer clothing I’ve seen.  I want to share with you 14 of my top picks from their store, these are:

1.  Separates – I’ve always loved styling separates as I feel I can be creative in styling them separately or as one.  However, I haven’t fully achieved the summer bod that I’m aiming for yet so crop tops will remain on my wish list with high hopes that maybe someday I’d get to flaunt crop tops without fuss.  Although it’s summer, my undying love for black and white still undeniably oozes out.  There’s no rule really when it comes to dressing so long as you’re confident with what you’re wearing and that it makes you confident and makes you feel good about yourself, then go for it.

CB036050-2 CB035919-1Don’t you find these two separates lovely? I find them really chic especially with the open-back detail and the geometrical, chevron-type pattern.. you can turn heads with this even when you’re on the beach don’t you think? :-)

2.  Maxi dress – what’s summer without maxi dresses? fashion enthusiasts from around the globe tend to flaunt their maxis on the length of the sandy beaches.  Maxi dresses looks even more alluring when it slithers on the glittery shore and glides on the musky sand.  When worn on the city alleys or street walks it looks eloquently beautiful as well paired with sun hats and huge sunglasses.  Either way maxi dresses are always on trend, gives illusion of height and effortlessly exudes elegance in every way possible.  Try wearing one with slits or pick those with floral/tropical print design to make it more summer appropriate.

SV006154-1 SV003031-3 SV000904-2

3.  Flared dress – who loves a little flare to their dresses? I do.  Flared dresses look really chic and summer appropriate especially with floral print designs.  They look stunning on petite women as well especially when it hangs mid-thigh, it gives an illusion of having longer legs.  A little flare won’t hurt especially when your goal is to turn heads and to wow your friends this summer.  Choose those with the cutest open-back details as well to make it extremely fashion forward.

CB034786-1 CB036341-1


4.  Bodycon dress - who says only curvy/skinny women and women with rock hard abs can wear bodycon dresses? I say everyone can sport this trend.  All it takes is self-confidence and knowing that you are gorgeous no matter what and that not a piece of clothing or trend can change the beauty you see in yourself.  If you love this trend but you’re a little bit worried and conscious about some flaws peeking, you can wear an undergarment or Spanx to address such issues and make you feel more confident.  These are perfect for those night-out with your girlfriends or a date with your special someone; could also be perfect for when you attend fashion events this summer.

SV005832-1 CB035266-2

5.  Romper/jumpsuit- last but most definitely not the least.. my favorite among the list.  I don’t own a lot of rompers or jumpsuits but i love wearing them.  This trend is so easy to style and so easy to put on.  The only trouble and down side of this piece of clothing is when you need to go to the toilet, it’s a bit troublesome having to remove everything.  So it’s best not to bother with putting on a belt because it’ll just add up to the drama if you know what I mean.  Nonetheless, rompers are perfect for summer.  Wear those with lightweight fabric and preferably those with floral print design to make it look more chic and irresistibly appealing.  If you’re like me who loves anything floral and anything girly, you’ll love them prints in this piece of clothing.  Rompers and jumpsuits I suppose makes anyone look girly, sweet, chic and put together :-)

SV005474-1 CB037882-1

These are the top 5 trends to look out for this summer season.  Wear any of these types of clothing and you’ll sure win hearts of friends and loved ones including fellow tourists as well or enthrall wandering eager eyes of fashion enthusiasts.

Hope this list helps and be sure to check Dresslink out and find all your Summer clothing needs.

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5 Musts for Summer

Hello everyone.. If you have visited my blog 10 days ago, you would’ve bumped into my thoughts on turning thirty article (if not, you can read it here).  So, you might or mightn’t be familiar with this lovely pleated apricot dress from Sheinside which I featured on that very article from 10 days ago.  It’s just right to publish them different set of photos again because perhaps this was the hottest I’ve been during an outfit photo op, literally that was a scorching hot day.  Since it’s summer it’s only right to share what I reckon are overdone reminders but still comes in handy.

1) SUNSCREEN with sun protection factor of 30 or more – I will abide by this.  I am one of those type of lazies when it comes to skin care.  I don’t follow any strict beauty regimen so long as I remember them, I do them but if not I can’t be bothered.  However, nowadays, I felt that summer in the country seemed to be rather excruciatingly hot and the need to protect our skin from sun damage becomes increasingly crucial too.  If need be, putting on a sunblock lotion 2 hours before going out of the house would be rather helpful.  You’ll thank your younger self later especially when you reach a tender age of 40 or 50.  For the face you can use moisturizers/BB creams/foundations with an ample amount of spf such as Neutrogena’s Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50, Mac Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Spf 35 or Shiseido’s UV Protective Liquid Foundation For Face with SPF 42.

_DSC19672) Increase WATER intake – with the exaggerating heat, we need constant re-hydration and our bodies need constant water refueling.  WE can’t afford to suffer from the pains of heat stroke and the annoying colds and flu especially at times when beach trips and vacations are at bay.  So, be sure to keep your self hydrated at all times.  If drinking water constantly isn’t your thing, you can add flavor to your water by dropping some slices of lemon, cucumber and watermelon and believe me you’ll reach for it as often as you did beforehand.

_DSC19773) Put on protective gear e.g. sunglasses, hats, rash guard – In my case, I failed to protect my eyes with sunglasses or my entire face with a wide brim sun hat.  Wearing protective sun gear could save you from having wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots as you age and could even shield you from other damaging effects of UV rays such as skin cancer in worst cases.


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4) Avoid sun exposure especially during the sun’s highest might between 10 in the morning and 2 or 4 in the afternoon.  The most brutal UV rays are between these times.  I plead guilty on this.  We took these photos whilst the sun was on its peak of glory just past lunch time round about 1 p.m., good thing I slapped myself with tons of sunscreen 20 minutes before we went off with the shoot.

5) Last but not the least, as much as possible seek for the nearest shade or if not bring an umbrella with you..

Hope you stay protected from the harmful rays of the sun.  It’s summer and we’re meant to have some fun under the sun.  It wouldn’t hurt to be reminded by these 5 musts and it wouldn’t hurt neither if we actually do these regimen before every sun exposure.  Happy Summer everyone!

Dress from Sheinside


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