Surprise Birthday Party: How to Pull Off


    How to throw a surprise birthday party? A surprise birthday party will always be memorable, especially if the one you’re throwing a surprise for does not have the tiniest bit of clue that he’s up for something remarkable.  Birthdays are one of those occasions we unfailingly celebrate, because for one, it is a way of saying thanks to our Almighty for the life bestowed upon us and for two, simply being a blessing to others.  For some Filipino families, birthday celebrations are often simple and non-extravagant.  With that I mean, no candles to blow, no cakes to slice and more often than not no wine to clunk for cheers.  Even so, a simple celebration is considered plenty for most Filipino families including ours, this has been our way of celebrating our birthdays whilst growing up.  Celebrations remained mostly: a simple get together with some relatives and close friends feasting over a sumptuous dinner of Filipino native dishes.  Imagine the smile on everyone’s faces the moment we threw a surprise birthday party for our dearest father.

    With or without a cake or wine to share, the most important of it all was the well-wishes of each and every one of the household and the glorifying whispers of prayers for the celebrant.  A birthday without words of Prayer stays meaningless.


    Yet, recently, my father celebrated his 59th birthday, it was not like his any other birthdays, because I together with my mom and sisters managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for him.  A few relatives and friends were gathered. The outcome was phenomenal and totally unforgettable.  It was priceless seeing father teary-eyed upon unknowingly opening the door, and as we all vehemently shouted SURPRISE in chorus right before his eyes.  Father was really thankful afterwards and even gave us all a heartfelt word of thanks.  I am no expert when it comes to organizing parties and events but the power of the internet gave me ideas and insights on how to throw a successful surprise birthday party.

    How exactly to throw a surprise birthday party? Above was quite an introduction right? Pardon me.  I guess I was just overwhelmed myself and still could not comprehend that we were able to throw our father a birthday celebration he would not forget.  While organizing the surprise, I learned a few tips along the way and these are my tips:

    1. Do the research.

    The moment I realized that I wanted to throw a memorable surprise birthday party for my father, I called my mom and sisters if they were up for it.  When they all pleaded a huge YES, I began my research which took me hours and even days sitting in front of my laptop and browsing for tips and tricks on how to throw a birthday party.  I have already thrown a couple of surprise parties in the past, one for my boyfriend (now my husband) and last year for my mom but nothing really major.  But still I wanted it to be something different, say a party complete with a set-up and balloons all over the place, something very unusual and far from our usual birthday celebrations. Continue reading

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