AMAZING SIARGAO: Magpupungko & Cloud 9

Hubby, father-in-law and I went for a 4-day trip to Surigao last October and we managed to squish-in a day trip to Siargao, Philippine’s surfing capital.  Though there is much to see and enjoy at Siargao for just a day or so, we were lucky to have gone to 3 of their must-go-to havens.  One of which is the very famous Cloud 9 in General Luna, Magpupungko tidal Beach in Pilar and the Naked Beach in Dapa.

From Surigao, we were aboard a RoRo Ferry since we traveled with a private vehicle.  Fare for four persons plus the vehicle would total to round about P5,600 one way.  It’s a 4-hour trip from Surigao Port.  It’s a fair bit long trip so might as well bring something that can ease away boredom and one that’ll help you forget about how far away the trip will be.


These photos below were taken at Magpupungko beach, located at Pilar Siargao.  Unluckily for us, the best time to visit this amazing beach is during low tide and the moment we arrived there was exactly when the tides were high.  Magpupungko beach is commonly visited by tourists due to it’s Magpupungko rock formation; which some would describe as, a carving of different pool sizes reminiscent of basins and tubs which reveals its true beauty when the tides are low.  However, we didn’t get to see any of that.  I’d definitely come back to this paradise as apart from Magpupungko rock formation, one on the bucket list that we haven’t gotten around visiting was the famous Sohoton Cave.

Since the tide was too high to get around the famous pool of rock formation, I just took advantage of the beauty of the Magpupungko beach itself which was surrounded by white, glistening sand..

_DSC2634 _DSC2631 _DSC2629 _DSC2623 _DSC2612 _DSC2591 _DSC2567

Beautiful white sand beach isn’t it? being around this place even just for a little while, I felt like I was in a secluded beach where all you have are praises for it’s dazzling beauty and serenity.

Photos below were taken at Cloud 9 located in the town of General Luna, the most famous must-visit place in Siargao.  This is where all surfing lovers and even foreign nationales adjoin to have a feel of the hummering waves of the sea.  This is also the place where annual Surfing cup is held where domestic and international surfers come to take part.  Again, when we arrived here the tide was low and the best time to come is when the waves are crazy high._DSC2467 _DSC2559 _DSC2506 _DSC2474

I’d surely want to visit this place again nd hopefully next time it’s a longer stay…

Avocado top | WAGW white hwaist shorts | Havainas flops | Mags bag

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saudade t-shirt

  Als ich das Foto von Nisi (von teetharejade ) in ihrem selbst designten Shirt gesehen habe, setzte mein Fashion-Herz kurz aus, denn für mich sah es wie das perfekte T-Shirt aus. Das T-Shirt gab es nicht zu kaufen, es fand nur ein Giveaway auf…

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Stripes & Crystals

Hello lovelies! How have you been doing these days? I felt like I need to crank up my blogging schedule as I have been really dilly-dallying on my posts recently.  The urge to write random something seemed to slide off placidly as I kind of reluctantly lose the grip.   For some odd reasons, there’s a nick in my life that’s setting me apart from the things that I usually love doing.  I get this feeling every so often but this one is the kind that doesn’t simply disappear in a snap.  But again, we got to get along and still live right? :-)

For this #ootd, I got inspiration from horizontal stripes and crystals..  Horizontal stripes is a personal preference, I know that if you want to look slimmer and taller, it is best to choose vertical stripes to give the illusion of height and slenderness.  However, especially with off-shoulder tops like this, horizontal stripes looked a lot more feminine and thus gives a perfect illusion of having broader shoulders.  The crystal print design on this skort is just fabulous, you can never go wrong with this trend as it can be chic on almost all body types.

_DSC4450 _DSC4464 _DSC4468 _DSC4490 _DSC4487 _DSC4486_DSC4499_DSC4542_DSC4536_DSC4530_DSC4527_DSC4508_DSC4550_DSC4554_DSC4579_DSC4583_DSC4585_DSC4591_DSC4599

Off-shoulder top similar here | Skorts similar here | Romwe metal Y embellished chain bag | Parfois shoes | Call it Spring tiger necklace | Peacock bracelet similar here

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I’m in a Rush Make-up look

5 min makeup look

Always on the go? Got no time to hide all them sunspots and freckles? Hush.. Hush.. you’re not alone.. If you are as lazy as I am, even though I got all the time in the world to look pretty and all made up for the day, wherever I’m heading to, I still end up rushing and end up looking like I just woke up with grease all over my face.  Not really a good description for a vision of a no make-up look. :-)

On most days, I’m in argument with time.  What I end up doing is just dusting powder all over my face, painting a little color on my lips, a bit on the cheeks and brushing my bushy brows and that’s about it.  However, when I got a little over 5 minutes left to spare, this is basically what I do:


Here’s a bare naked face with nothing except a pale lip color to hide some nasty lip-pricking marks (one habit I inherited from a younger me).

_DSC3664_DSC3666 _DSC3669

1.  Prime.  I don’t usually worry too much about priming my face, except however if I have a long day ahead of me.  If I want to achieve a flawless face all through out the day without having to worry about the foundation’s longevity, in that instance, I prime.  A little too much though if all you got is a few minutes to prepare since you have to wait for the primer to set before applying foundation (hence the term).  I am currently loving this Face Shop moisture-fitting primer which is perfect for a combination skin like mine, plus it doesn’t settle on my teeny bitty wrinkly lines under my eyes.

2.  Fill-in brows.  I usually do my eyes first before applying foundation.  Everyone has different ways of applying make-up and this is how I am used to doing.  I got this tip from my ultimate favorite beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill.  On most of her tutorials, she explains that it’s better to do the eyes first before the face, basically to prevent eye shadow fall-outs from ruining a well brushed out face especially if the shades you’re using are shimmery rather than matte.  True enough, I’m drawn with this tip almost every time and more so because I’m not expert in keeping fall-outs at bay.

I am using whatever is available at hand so I opted to use the gorgeous soft brown shade from the Coastal Scents neutral palette to fill in my untrimmed brows.  I love how it perfectly matches my hair too.


3.  Prime the eyes.  On to the eyes.  For this rushed look, I opted to use Mac’s pro longwear concealer as an eye primer only because it’s what’s laying in front of me, ain’t nobody got time to dig into piles of clutter ey? :-)  An eye primer really is a MUST especially for women with oily lids like me.  With that, I mean, you can skip all else but if you’re too decided to load your eyes with all sorts of shadows and you have a long day ahead of you, you don’t want them shadows to smudge and crease all over your lids don’t you?  No one would appreciate shadows setting on lines when lids start to grease out.  Eye primers work best to preserve your eye shadow for as long as it takes through out the day.  It’ll save you the hassle of having to reapply shadow later during the day and it substantially make eye shadows pop as vibrantly as they could ever be.


4.  Eye shadow base.  Since I don’t really have a particular look in mind, I chose this cream color eye shadow as base for whatever eye color I unintentionally decided on.

_DSC3676 _DSC3677

5.  Lid.  With the lid I happen to choose Psychedelic sister from the Urban decay Book of shadows (fourth series i believe that was).  Okay, truth be told, when it comes to colors, i most often than not, consult with whoever is around to give me a heads up if I’m describing the color right or if I’m even giving justice to it. Because, I simply could not trust my unusual color-blindedness.  According to a review from Temptalia, Psychedelic sister is described as a “deep amethyst shimmer”, medium in tone and more like a plummy purple.  I opted with this color as I felt like, it has the right amount of sheen and shimmer perfect for some days when you want to appear relaxed but polished at the same time irregardless of what outfit you’re wearing.


6.  Blend.  A rule of thumb for putting on eye shadows of all sorts, blend blend blend..  I can’t fathom how repeatedly almost all beauty gurus stress out over this.  “NO harsh lines” as they always say.  Yeah yeah, and with this look I got carried away with blending and didn’t notice I almost erased most of the shades’ actual shimmer.



7.  Outer crease.  I picked Creep from the same palette, Urban decay book of shadows for my outer crease.  It looks black to me but as Temptalia describes it, it’s a “blue-black base with silver and teal shimmer” which I find perfect for this look.  Creep is also in the Naked 1 palette.  (How convenient it is for a color-deficient like myself to have Google to give me a thumbs up for these color descriptions and to land in Temptalia’s page for confirmation, woohoo.. how delightful).


8.  Eye liner.  I am not yet an expert in achieving a perfectly lined eyes, nor in applying false eyelashes.  These 2 techniques up to now I haven’t gone to mastering yet.  Uh-oh…….  Anyhow, I tried my best not to draw over the lids but to keep it just right where I need it to be, that is, closest to my lash line.  Pardon my lack of technique on this one.. ;)  I used Urban decay’s 24/7 perversion liquid liner which is also included in the Book of Shadows.



9.  Foundation.  On to the face.  This L’oreal lucent Magique foundation is a shade darker than my skin tone but this was the first thing that I grabbed, and I carried on with pretending that I’m actually rushing out to achieve a rushed-out look, so yeah.. this’ll do. :-)


I always use Sigma’s F80 flat kabuki brush to evenly distribute foundation all over my face and to mimic a porcelain face, I couldn’t contain how a particular brush could actually work wonders.


10.  Define/Contour.  Since I pretended to be in a hurry, I didn’t mind loading on foundation and preferred to show a little of my freckles, i like it that way.  If you want you can stop from here, and skip highlighting and contouring.. but, I can’t because if I’m in the mood to put make-up on I can’t skip a little contour no matter how rushed I can get ;-) I can go without a blush but never without some bronze-y contoured look on my hollows..



Smoothing out and blurring harsh contour lines using my 2-year old Nude by Nature mineral kabuki brush (I know it already looks ewww, but it couldn’t be helped, it has come of age no matter how much washing it gets).


11.  Blush.  A good blush can give your face the boost it needs.  Whether you have foundation on or just powder, a blush further enhances and gives a million more dimension to the face than just a bare naked face..  It accentuates the apples of the cheeks and gives an illusion of a natural flush..


I never thought, patting a good highlighter over a blush could be so flattering to look at.. I think I got this trick from a beauty guru I recently discovered, Emily Quak.


12.  Lips.  Last but definitely not the least, a beautiful nude lips or you can go bold if you want.  I just reapplied the lipstick I used earlier to hide some prick-marks..  It’s from the Maybelline color show line in the shade Pink Punch.  It’s so affordable yet very beautiful.

… and that’s about it, My rushed-out, quick and easy make-up look!  As I was pretending to be in a rush, I did forget to curl my barely there lashes and put some mascara.. OH well, what do you think about this look?


I’ll try a more polished technique on my upcoming make-up looks.. thank you for reading up to this very end.. Have a beautiful Monday ahead lovelies!


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Not your ordinary dress

I haven’t been completely blown away yet over a particular piece of clothing.  But, when I saw this Romwe floral dress on my mail nearly a month ago, my jaw just literally dropped. I was blown away, wow!  This is by far the loveliest floral dress I have ever owned.  I may sound overly exaggerated but hey, who wouldn’t? this dress screams Romantic-Chic.  Plus, it’s quality is superb and the fabric is fantastic.  And one good thing about this is, my flabs remain tucked in and it’s not even peaking out.. :-)


The open-back detail of this dress also made it even more romantic.  This is perfect for a night-out with your man or if you just want to flatter anyone and make heads turn.  If you are set to go somewhere for the first time, you might want to pack this dress along with you as this dress sure is a stunner.  Perhaps, you can also strut this wonderful floral print dress on your best friend’s beach-themed wedding..

ARS_9057Photo by Ragdoll Sparrow

_DSC1863 _DSC1864_DSC1882 _DSC1885

Romwe floral open-back dress | Primadonna heels

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