Denim for Summer

Denims are one of my top go-to summer essentials.  It may not be as light-weight as other fabric perfect for the summer heat but if paired well with other easy-breezy pieces, it might just be the perfect look you could ever flaunt this summer.
Since the blazing heat of summer is at it’s highest glory nowadays here in tropical Philippines, I came up with a set that fits my mood at the moment.  The light hues of the denim and the accessories paired with it is a must for me.  More summer sets to come on my upcoming posts.Denim for Summer

Alexander Wang cotton shirt
$925 -

Mara Hoffman shirts top
$300 -

Pacha party top
$40 -

Anine Bing blue skinny jeans
$240 -

Topshop skirt
$76 -

2b thong sandals

Lacoste tote

UGG Australia black handbag

Coast orange purse
$65 -

Stone necklace

Casual Days

After the success of the Pose for Leyte, Open fashion shoot for a cause (Wave 1 Day 1, Day 2 Wave 2 Day 1, Day 2!) I organized last year November 2013, I am deeply thankful for after that Cause, I did gain new friends namely Sydney (Makeup artist) Tofu (Stylist/Photographer) and Karen (shorts designer).  Weeks after we wrapped up our 2-wave open shoot, we became not only acquaintances slash shoot collaborators, but I found joy in having them around, as friends.  Our schedules might not be as available nowadays as it was during our first few gatherings, still we try to squeeze in “short chikahan sessions” as much as we can.  Though our meetings usually get defunct due to busy work days (them being make-up artist and photographer) the good thing is we try to make-up for it as soon as days become open for us to meet and catch up again.

These photos are only glimpses of my post birthday celebration with them. I felt really happy having to celebrate it with them even at a later time.  They gave me presents too which I so love and adore.

ARS_1842 copy ARS_1844 copy

Candy top | For Me jeans | Guess bag | Random brand sandals | Aldo earrings

ARS_1845 copy ARS_1847 copy

Lovely pink watch, a gift from Tofu. :) Sydney’s gift I am yet to blog..

ARS_1848 copy

with the beautiful Sydney S (mom, beauty junkie, make-up artist, fashionista)

ARS_1868 copy ARS_1872 copy ARS_1876 copy ARS_1881 copy ARS_1886 copy

Photos (c) Ragdoll Sparrow Photography

Since it’s Holy Week, I am grabbing this opportunity to share with you how thankful I am for the many blessings God has showered me especially with regards to having a wonderful husband, family and genuine friends.  Though grey days don’t usually go out of bay, but whatever the circumstance is, I am thankful and blessed to be alive and to be able to feel God’s grace each and every single day.  Holy Week has a much deeper meaning, so deep that it is quite difficult for me to put it in words.  At this instance all I can put into writing is that it is a perfect time to reflect, reconnect and realize the things we have done good or bad, the many ways we can do to change it and that we have a lifetime of chances to be a better version of ourselves.

A Blessed Week Everyone!


My 29th on April Fools.

What I love about my day of birth is the fact that it’s right on the very 1st day of April, yay! the official beginning of Summer, and when it’s summer, all we can think of is fun in the beach, and that’s exactly what my hubby and I decided.  We tagged along the whole family (his side and mine) as what good of a birthday it is if your family is not around (except for when you’re far away far away though).  I’ve been away from my family quite a few times and celebrating birthdays without them is such a miss, especially that we have a tight family bond (a customary for most Filipino families).

When I celebrated my birthday in Australia, with a lot of our aussie friends and acquiantances, it is quite different as April Fools is much celebrated in their country.  It is unlikely here in the Philippines as I don’t often quite fooled during that day hahaha.  It is still fun though being the laugh of the town, on your special day, I got a lot of tummy cramps from excessive laughing as I just laughed all their fooling around and made me skip feeling that I am far away from home.


This year I had a lot of fun.  Celebrating it with my hubby and our families away from our usual celebration at home or dining out, we all had a blast, we had a pretty long ride to get here, but boy oh boy, it was all worth it.  The beach was perfect, the water was crystal clear, the blazing heat of the sun was amaze balls and seeing all the people enjoying the sun’s full blown heat got us all excited.

Of course, part of the fun was to have henna tattoos done, I got mine freely drawn by this amazing tattoo artist.  Hubby, I and his sister Jannah got to convince mom-in-law to join the fun too.


Pardon my snakeskin legs… whooopsie!

_DSC1800 _DSC1770 _DSC1769 _DSC1767 _DSC1766 _DSC2874

Us with our wacky faces, a sole proof that we enjoyed our short summer escapade slash a pre-birthday celebration by the beach.  It was one of those family bonding I won’t forget.  We got a little bit adventurous over where we slept but amidst that we still had big smiling faces :) Yes to celebrations like this.

Hubby surprised me with this huge boquet of flowers, well he really tried to surprise me but I kind of saw the flowers peeking on the back of his car seat, lol! What a spoiler but still I was surprised.. ;)

_DSC2698 _DSC2642

The banana boat ride with hubby, sisters, and in-laws was truly the highlight of it all.  I had a lot of fun especially when we were tripped off the boat 3 times, whew I want another round lol!  I am not a swimmer at all but having the life jacket on felt a bit like a life guard on patrol lol! Yeah yeah it’s my first time, i know… Hence the excitement! :)

_DSC2219 _DSC1895 _DSC1880 _DSC1878 _DSC1877 _DSC1875 _DSC1871

Outfit shots that time was not really my priority since I got all too excited with family bonding, chitchats and group fun that I opted not to have loads of photos taken by my hubby or sister.  I save them the drama of having to take solo shots of me so I only have shots with the same back drop.  Also, having the camera on manual mode and against the ravishing light, I kind of lost control on the getting the setting right, that’s why I have no good shots with the beach as the background, sad..

Overall, though we celebrated my birthday 3 days earlier (April 1 falls on a Tuesday and it a working day), I still had one of the best birthdays in my 20 + something of existence :)  The day of my birthday, I simply spent it with my hubby and my sister plus some friends during the night.

Thank you dear Lord for adding another year in my life.  I wished to be a better version of myself and to outdo what amazing things I’ve done during my yester years.  Cheers! and Belated Happy birthday to Me! :)

 What I Wore: Shorts from Shorts station | WAGW top and cover-up | Havainas flip flops from Spruce

Shot on location at Duka Bay Resort, Butuan-Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Rd, Medina 9013

Are you ready for Summer 2014?

As I was scavenging through piles and piles of photos from when I first started these random posts, I came across with these photos of me from the beautiful sandy beaches of Bargara, located in the Coral coast of Queensland.  Oh how I love to be back in these beautiful place.  Since summer here in the Philippines can already be well felt due to the oozing heat and scent of the sea breeze even from afar, I am sharing my lovely time at the Bargara beach back in 2012.

Hubby and I are planning for a series of trips to the beach this coming April to celebrate my birth month, yay! I am indeed ecstatic, I can’t wait.  For now, it’s #throwback time!

DSC_0151 DSC_0158 DSC_0160 DSC_0175 DSC_0182 DSC_0187 DSC_0192 DSC_0200 DSC_0203 DSC_0210 DSC_0215 DSC_0216 DSC_0220 DSC_0225 DSC_0229 DSC_0232Over-sized bat-wing top & shorts both from Supre | Folded & Hung swimsuit | Cotton On sunnies | Equip accessories