Hello Cebu!

Four days ago, my sister and I flew to Cebu to attend a close friend’s wedding.  We did not have the luxury of time to roam around the wondrous city since we were set to head back Cagayan de Oro 2 days after;  our flight got a few or so minutes delayed too so that’s a time lost for strolling around.  We made the most out of our very short stay and we made sure to include La Vie Parisienne (the French bakery) in our bucket list, fortunately we got to squeeze a few hours before we flew back.  However short our 3-day stay was in Cebu, it was still all well worth it and memorable as. My sister and I had our fair share of bonding time plus we got to witness a wonderful union of two amazing people Kara and Mark.

First day was all about the flight the hotel and the mall and the torrid time of having to patiently wait an hour or more for a taxi cab from the mall back to where we stayed.  Though sister and I got really tired, I still managed to get her to take a few shots of what I wore that day ^_^

_DSC6393_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6390_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6388_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6386_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6380_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6378_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6374_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6373_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6370_PerfectlyClear_wm _DSC6369_PerfectlyClear_wm

Pardon my baggy eyes and bare naked face, I believe it was already around quarter past 11 in the evening when we took these shots.  WE did not get to take a decent shot earlier as we were rushing to go to the mall right after we arrived at the hotel from the airport. :-)

| Terranova jeans | Syrup heels | Mags floral blazer | Parfois bag | Aldo accessories

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Black & White All the Way

Hello gorgeous ladies! Today, I am sharing one of my ultimate favorite looks, an all-out black and white ensemble.  On a daily basis, i’d be wearing black ballet flats with this look or slip-ins with a vibrant color for contrast.  If I was in a bigger city, I’d definitely be strolling around with this look minus the pumps.  You can also pair this beautiful black and white skirt with a striking bold color top for a more relaxed look or any color you wish to pair it with.   I love my blacks and whites and monochromes and nudes, I guess there wouldn’t come a time that I would wane off from not wanting to wear these easy sleazy neutral looks.  It is indeed hard to stay away from simple style pieces that you have grown with and loved wearing.

_DSC6178_wm _DSC6169_wm _DSC6167_wm _DSC6192_wm _DSC6150_wm _DSC6156_wm _DSC6175_wm _DSC6187_wm _DSC6143_wm _DSC6136_wm _DSC6107_wm _DSC6104_wm _DSC6200_wm

Terranova basic white top | Spruce knit skirt | Ice design pumps | Strandbags purse | Aldo watch | WAGW bird necklace

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10 Fashion Holiday Gift Guides for Her

First week of December has quickly gone by and Christmas day is just a few more weeks away.  Having that said, Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without being able to share gifts to our family, friends, workmates and loved ones.  For me, the joy of having to give a present to a loved one (or even to those in dire need e.g. homeless/orphan) especially during this time of the year, is indeed the most beautiful and heart-warming feeling anyone could ever feel.  So, if you are a guy who happen to stumble upon this post via Google search, in the hopes of finding tips on what to give your girlfriend, sister, workmate/classmate for your yearly “exchanging of gifts” at home, work or at school, then read through…

It doesn’t matter which brands you opt to choose for your gifts, what matters most is the thought of having to give someone a present irregardless of the price tag that comes with it.  A present is a present, no matter how small or gigantic your present may be, the idea of it being a “gift” and that you actually took the time to look for and prepare for it wholeheartedly, it will surely make someone’s facial muscles move and paint a beautiful smile on their faces..


Newlook headband | Shopflyjane cateye glasses | Aldo interchangeable strap watch | Hatcovet fedora hat | Guess cross-body bag | Mango denim jacket | Romwe shorts | Keds sneakers | Forever 21 floral dress 

1.  Cat eye sunglasses and Cat ear headband – designers has gotten inspiration from the beauty of the sophisticated Cat and has ingenuously incorporated it into fashion pieces such as these headband and Sunnies.  Surprisingly, these pieces has been well loved by fashion enthusiasts and has taken over the fashion limelight by storm.  Anything that is cat-inspired just turns out to be fabulous and everyone I know who dared to try this on-trend look instantaneously fell in love with it and how cat sunnies and cat headbands made them extra stunning.

2.  Interchangeable strap watch –  a watch has always been a favorite of many when it comes to presents.  Not only is it a fashion staple but also a necessity, which is why its one of the best gifts to give to anyone.  An interchangeable strap watch is one for the road, it’s perfect for women on the go, for women who loves to match their watch with their outfits of the day but doesn’t want to make any more damage on their pockets.  Plus, who could resist a watch with 5 different fashionable straps? I say no one.

3.  Fedora hat – For your kikay friends, sisters or girlfriends, a Fedora hat is one you can add to your list of must-give gifts.  It is just a soft-felt hat with curled brim which fashion bloggers from all over the world have been raving much about.  What’s good about it is that, it  can easily turn any boring and casual outfits into an outfit that’ll surely make heads turn in awe especially those in bold colors. ;-)

4.   Cross-body bag –  If you’re “manita” is a jetsetter and/or you know that she loves to go to places, explore wonders and is a shopaholic, this type of bag is perfect for them.  Perfect because, they can simply slide their phones, credit card/cash, lipsticks and a few other extras into it and off they went.  It’s a versatile type of bag, they can wear it as a sling or as a cross-body bag.  It’s not bulky at all and it’s super light they wouldn’t have to worry about breaking their shoulders or exhausting their arms.  Some bags (e.g. handbags, shoulder bags) are just way too big and way too heavy, heavy enough even without anything on it.

5.  Denim jacket or Chambray – 2014 is probably the year of the denim jackets/vests and chambrays.  Thank goodness for the fashion blogoshpere as they have influenced the comeback of these fashion pieces that was made popular during the 80s and 90s if I’m not mistaken.  I could well remember denim jackets were worn really baggy those days and worn mostly by men.  But today, it has been a fashion staple even for trendy and hippie women across the globe.  It’s definitely worth the hype as wearing it adds sophistication and sense of style.

6.  Shorts in a bold or pastel color –  For women who adore wearing shorts, you could look for shorts in bold or pastel colors preferably those in a lightweight fabric.  Bold and pastel colors are always on-trend and has never gone out of style.  Additional reasons? it’s cute and chic and shorts are simply comfortable.  Plus, it has always been a must-have for every girl’s closet.  It’s a reason enough.. :-)

7.  Printed/Plain sneakers – Thank goodness for Taylor Swifts’ campaign for the Keds sneakers, everybody has gone cray over wearing these comfortable fashion trend.  I honestly pledge guilty over this one, Taylor Swift does look amazing in Keds sneakers, and their designs and prints are just extremely attractive and oh-s0-girly.  It doesn’t really matter if you go for whichever brand of sneakers (Converse, Vans, Dc), these shoes are way too cute and casual to pass on.  It is for me a must-have for women who love to keep their cool at all times.  For women who are not on the oh-s0-girly, feminine type, opt for plain sneaks and you’ll be sure they’ll be extremely happy.

8.  Floral dress –  any dress that has a floral print on it is perfect as a holiday gift.  I think most women love floral prints, who wouldn’t? I am one of those who cannot resist floral dresses and anything with an adorable floral print.  It’s a bonus point if you know which flower they love best and what length of dress or type of fitting they often wear (short, midi, maxi, tight, loose) and you can simply look for that particular floral print, length/fit in any store options you have in your locale.


 |People are people black crop top | Mags floral midi skirt | Aldo studded heels |

9.  Plain/Crop/Casual top –  the easiest and stress-free gift you could ever give is a basic top.  If you kind of have an idea on what your “manita” usually loves to wear (e.g. t-shirt/blouse/crop tops/open-back tops/loose, flow y tops) you could never go wrong on this ensemble as a gift.  It has always been thumbs upped by women of all ages especially if you give them something you foresee them wearing afterwards :-) We all do love to see our gifts being showcased by the receiver, it makes me “kilig” (giggle) if I see my gifts being worn.

10.  A good pair of heels –  Last but not the least… Yes, you heard it right, heeeeeeeels! and more of it! haha! kidding.. Women love shoes, no, we don’t just love it we adore it.. Maybe for some, they prefer bags so much more than heels.  But since we’re talking about fashion gift guides, what best to give to a fashionista/kikay/stylista/fashion enthusiast, is the rather height-lifting heels.  Especially for a workmate (those who work in an environment where wearing heels is a must e.g. offices, banks, fashion industry) or those who just love a boost in height, they would definitely thank you if you’d go all out and give a good pair of heels as a present.  There are good pairs of heels that doesn’t come with an expensive price tag, which is why store-hopping helps and comparing prices is a budget-saver.

_DSC9275_PerfectlyClear _DSC9297_PerfectlyClear

| Call it Spring cat-eye sunglasses |

These wraps up my 10 Fashion Holiday Gift Guides for Her.. a top 10 BEAUTY holiday gift guide will be up sometime soon.  Thank you for reading up this end, you’re awesome!

Happy Holiday Shopping..

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